“Creativity is essentially a lonely art. An even lonelier struggle. To some a blessing. To others a curse. It is in reality the ability to reach inside yourself and drag forth from your very soul an idea.” – Lou
For months I have been witness to this beautiful artist transform her space with new pieces. I have been lucky enough to be just a small part of the process – listening to her as the wheels in that creative brain are turning, watching paintings blossom from a blank canvas to some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen. It has been an honor. Today I am proud to announce that Lauren Noel has relaunched her shop! There are one of a kind pieces as well as gorgeous prints that are sure to brighten up your space with love and beauty. Today (I change my mind constantly – they are too good!) my favorite is this lady. Check the site often as new pieces will be added throughout the next few weeks!


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Our move is quickly approaching. After what feels like an eternity it’s happening! I can’t stop dreaming about Lucas’s new room. From his art work to his bedding, it all feels so exciting. It’s the first room in the house I want to complete. I want him to walk in and know that it’s all his if that makes sense. A space to call his own where he has the freedom to create, make little boy messes, and where he feels safe. His very own toddler haven! I am loving the idea of a bright, airy space with pops of beautiful color. The rooms above are my current inspo and I’m hoping to recreate a similar look only with a Lucas spin, of course. 


One decorating decision that I’ve made for the new apartment (and have thus far stuck to) is that I want all white walls. I would prefer to have a blank canvas so to speak to work with. What I am very excited for is the art that will grace the walls. One of the most talented artists I know also happens to be one of my very best friends. I seriously lucked out here in the friend department! Lauren is the creative force behind Lady Noel Designs. Each original painting is created with love, passion, and such creativity – this woman never ceases to amaze me. A few months ago I had the honor of seeing her work at her in-home studio and it was such a special treat to witness a true artist in their element. Oh, and that gorgeous lion you see above? His name is León and he is a custom wood painting that Lauren made just for Lucas. I can’t wait to show him off in all his regal glory right above Lucas’s bed! 
You can purchase original paintings as well as reproduction prints via Lauren’s etsy shop. If you have a specific painting in mind, shoot her a message and you can work with her on creating the piece of your dreams. Believe me when I say you are in excellent hands. Lauren is a gem – beautiful inside and out – and her art work will be an amazing addition of love for your home. 



I came across this post on the Stone Fox Bride blog. I’ve read a lot of articles/posts on love but this one in particular struck a cord. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s everything I believe love is. Gritty, everlasting, beautiful. My relationship is far from perfect. We’ve had monumental ups and downs and I don’t like to pretend our love story was a fairy tale. But you know what. We love each other. The kind of love that builds with time, that consumes you, that can leave you gasping for air. This beautiful, imperfectly perfect person is mine. My life partner, my baby daddy, my ‘fits like a glove’ spooning expert, my soul mate.

If you like them a lot, kiss them
Tell a dumb fart joke. 
Laugh loud like a dork. 
Let them pluck your faith, like a plum, from the dark part of your heart. 
Trust that they won’t hurt you.
Wear a white dress. Say I do then be done. 
Make a home. Make a fire. 
Climb in the warm salt bath, brush your teeth side-by-side
Cup their palms and place your past in them, your scares, your scars, your fears, like birds in a nest, young and warm. 
Say: my fault
Give birth while they watch.
Say thank you twice a day.
You can read the full post here. Now go give someone you love a big kiss. Only if you really like them of course.