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I took these photos on time butttt I’m a little posting. Seems like a current trend over. Two kids is no joke 😉 Anywho, two months with our baby girl! It seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is this delicious baby who coos, has amazing neck and head strength, and gives us the best smiles.

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Even her cries are adorable! This little one has us wrapped around her very tiny fingers already. Te adoro Lillie Sol.

Thank you to Milestone Cards for these adorable Baby’s First Year Miffy Cards


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I pictured this moment while I was pregnant. These tender, loving, wonderful, heart exploding moments that my children would share. And let me tell you, the real thing is 100x better than anything I could have imagined. Lucas has exceeded all expectations of how he would react to his new baby sister. He absolutely adores Lillie and it’s an adorable sight to see. Every morning he looks for her and greets her with kisses and hugs. He loves to tell me just how cute and pretty she is. My mama heart is bursting with so much love for these two. My favorite is when he shouts “Lillie SOLLLLLL”. You have to just imagine his little pip-squeak voice and I guarantee it will make you grin. Sigh. My heart is right up there captured in a few impromptu photos.


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Our first week at home with Lillie Sol. Lucas is terrified of her belly button (which is finally almost healed..woohoo!), she loves mamas milk and is well on her way to being back to her birth weight, snoozes on our chests are frequent, she gave us her first smile at 6 days old, and we are all delirious in love. Life is pretty darn sweet.


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Our niña, Lillie Sol, made her debut Earth side on August 1st at exactly 4pm weighing in at 6 pounds 12 ounces. One week early. Her cry is slightly raspy and soft, she nurses like a champ, her features are small and delicate (my petite little mama), and she’s already smiling. Her papi and big brother are smitten and I’m head over heels for my princess. Lillie Sol you are our dream come true.