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How has it been 3 months already? Lillie Sol, our little love. You are a dream. You’re not sleeping through the night yet but you’ve given us a fewww long(ish) stretches. Your perfectly content in your crib and we usually bring you into bed with us in the early AM. You are officially a giggler and you think I’m pretty hilarious. Also, THE CHUB. You are filling out everywhere and I can’t get enough of those cheeks and thighs! Your big brother is certifiably obsessed with you, as we all are.


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I took these photos on time butttt I’m a little posting. Seems like a current trend over. Two kids is no joke 😉 Anywho, two months with our baby girl! It seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is this delicious baby who coos, has amazing neck and head strength, and gives us the best smiles.

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Even her cries are adorable! This little one has us wrapped around her very tiny fingers already. Te adoro Lillie Sol.

Thank you to Milestone Cards for these adorable Baby’s First Year Miffy Cards


My toddler is 23 months today. TWENTY THREE MONTHS! Holy where did the time go? I’m in complete denial that this kid (who shockingly is beginning to look like a teenager in some photos. is it just me?) is going to be two next month. Lucas is vivacious, spunky, smart as a whip, and loving. Man is he loving. This week he has been willingly giving mami and papi some pretty delicious on the mouth kisses. Toddler slobber is the best you guys. He says “peeese” (please) , “dank uuu” (thank you), and can count to five (although he is partial to two and five). He’s all boy and is a great collector of all the things. In particular acorns. Please see the photographic evidence above of the acorn/Lucas cheek affection. Swoon.
We spent all morning in the pediatricians office and he has gained 1/2 a pound in 3 weeks. Who knew weight gain would make me so happy. This summer has been a battle getting this kid to eat but we are finally – slowly, but surely – getting our foodie back. Basically he’s a big boy now. Oh Lucas. Te amo, te amo, te amo.
hat (mine as a kiddo) | shirt from h&m | pants from bobo choses | moccasins c/o freshly picked


20 months people! How is this happening? Lucas is almost TWO YEARS OLD. I. Can’t. Believe. It.
A few big boy updates:

– His personality is shining and he is quite the people person/baby. We are still working on sharing and I feel like the such the proud mama when he offers a toy to another child.

– He really loves his quatro legos. He can connect them properly now and will try different blocks until he gets the right fit.

– We are using a fork and spoon, ya’ll! Well technically he’s been using his spoon for a while but this month he has fallen in love with (and is shockingly good at) using a fork. By the way, I  almost cried the other night when I couldn’t think of the last time I actually fed Lucas an entire meal. Mr. Independent is breaking my heart.

– I’ve been going over colors everyday with Lucas and just last week he said what definitely sounded like “rojo” (red) when I showed him a picture of a red dog in his Andy Warhol color book.

Summertime has been nothing but fun with my boy. He is such a joy and has been a trooper even in this crazy NYC heat wave. His love of the sprinklers is still going strong and the joy he brings his mama grows each day. How is it possible that you can love another human being that much. Just when I think my heart is full, I wake up each day and fall in love all over again. Lucas, thank you for keeping me on my toes, allowing my heart to grow beyond measure, and for those sweet, slobbery kisses. Happy 20 months baby!



Welp. This week has been hectic to say the least and I completely forgot to take his 19 month photos, well, on the day he turned 19 months. Major mommy guilt. I finally got around to taking some photos and Lucas and Cesar didn’t disappoint. This duo gets me every time. A giant gorilla and a baby? Cmon now. Here’s what’s new with Lucas:

– His hand/eye coordination is on point! The kid is a little genius with his hands. He diligently takes things apart and carefully puts them back together. We might have a little engineer on our hands.

– His love for water continues to grow with each passing summer day. He swims in the tub, adores the pool and beach, and has a love affair with sprinklers. I now make sure to put a swim diaper on for all park outings (thanks to the one time he ran into the sprinklers with jeans..yea..good luck getting wet denim off a toddlers chubby legs).

– He HATES sand. Loathes it.

– We are learning manners! He now says “tank u”. My heart swells with pride every time.

– We are making leaps and bounds with Spanish. You can read more about what he is learning here.

– His locks are growing and becoming lighter with the summer sun. I can’t get enough of those sandy, sun-kissed curls. And YES I am aware he has a mullet. NO I am not cutting it. Please stop asking (this means you grandmas!).

What mama has learned: toddlers are so. much. fun. I love this stage! He never ceases to amaze me and of course I’m biased but I really won the lottery with this boy. Happy 19 months mi bebe!



18 months! My boy is officially a year and a half. I am in awe of this sweet little boy and he continues to make this mamas heart burst day after day. Here is what my my little man has been up to:

– He’s officially a climber. He will stack objects together and climb up to get what he is after. He has also taken to climbing in and out of his crib. Talk about an instant heart attack.

– When I say “show me your belly button” he happily lifts his shirt and points. And then proceeds to lift my shirt to show me mine. This is insanely cute when we’re home but I’ve learned to stop asking him to do this in public. Thanks but no thanks 😉

– He knows when he’s gone to the bathroom. He says “pamper” and proceeds to peek into his little diaper and check out what’s going on. I’m in mommy denial that this might be a sign he’s ready to begin potty training.

– His hugs are now given with the ultimate enthusiasm. Lucas has always been affectionate but these new embraces are out of this world. Such gusto!

– He says the following words in spanish: “bobo”, “nariz”, “mas”, “hola”, and “leche”. Which mean pacifier, nose, more, hello, and milk.

My dear boy,
You make each day better than the last. I can only hope that you know how much your mommy and daddy love you. Every day we shower you with kisses, hugs, and endless “I love you’s” but when we tuck you in at night it somehow never seems like enough. Your daddy always asks you “how many kisses did you get today? a million?” I promise to always try and aim for a million more. You bring this little family of ours a joy unlike anything I could have ever imagined or wished for. Thank you for being ours. 
Te quiero mi bebe,