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Last Sunday was perfect. I woke up one day last week and decided I wanted to go row boating in Central Park. 29 years in this city and I had never been. I told Ivan that it was a “I need to cross this off my bucket list before I’m 30” kinda thing and he happily obliged. We woke up, walked to The Boat House, and got it done. It was magical and hilarious. Magical in only the way New York City can be. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks, this gorgeous city. Hilarious because rowing those boats are not easy and well, Ivan got a pretty decent work out with those oars. Those biceps are making me all sorts of school girl giddy 😉 Well worth it my love! Lucas had a blast until he didn’t. He lasted a solid 45 minutes on the boat before declaring “time to go home”. Well then.My boys sure know how to make this mama happy. Boating with the boys – the best.


On the first day of October we headed to Central Park.  It was perfection. We spotted our first turned trees and it was pretty spectacular. There is nothing like Central Park in Autumn. The deep crimson reds and gorgeous jewel tones are pretty much everything. Did I mention my birthday is in October..and Halloween! It’s the start to all of our favorite holidays. So yea. October I (we) love you. 


The weekends are sort of my favorite. Especially Saturdays. We usually wake up, chug some coffee,  and head out wherever the NYC wind takes us. On this particular Saturday we headed to Harlem and wound up at a local BBQ joint for ribs and all the trimmings. Also, leftovers for 2 days? Yes, please! I adore these shots Ivan took during our stroll. Almost 3 years young and Lucas still loves his mami to carry him. My back might be aching but my heart is so very full.

antique silver hair clip c/o luv aj x sunnie brook 


About once a month we like to mosey uptown to our closest Target. Not because we need anything in particular (good grief walking into that store is a TRAP!) but simply because we enjoy the walk. This trip in particular had purpose – a new Ninja Turtle for the boy. Because you can never have enough turtles. We stopped for a cherry icee and Lucas was nice enough to share with mama (although none was spared for daddy). When we finally made it to Target Lucas couldn’t decide which turtle he wanted. These are hard decisions people! After about half hour of serious deliberation he settled on a turtle lunch box and puzzle. Wins. 
And it must be noted that little boys who wear pink are bosses. I am loving his new tank from Kid + Kind. You must take a moment to check out this absolutely darling shop.

Also, this. A campaign that is supporting and encouraging kids to wear any color they choose – regardless of their gender. Started by Martine Zoer founder of Quirkie Kids, she is using her shop (chock full of PINK!) and campaign to spread tolerance of individual expression amongst kids and their peers – adults included. #freetowearpink

lucas: tank c/o kid + kind | pants c/o nununu | sneakers from converse
nicole: choker from top knot goods 


The last two weeks have been kind of a blur. With all the packing, unpacking, cleaning, and more cleaning we really haven’t had much down time as a family. We were able to escape the moving madness for a few hours last week and enjoy some r&r at the Boat Basin. It was my mama in law’s birthday and it was a perfect celebration. Beers, tacos, family, and the prettiest sunset I’ve seen in a while. Lucas was totally enamored with all of the boats and made it clear that he has his eye on a yacht for Christmas.

lucas: tank and pants c/o nununu | sneakers from vans
nicole: choker from top knot goods | dress from urban outfitters (old) | sunglasses c/o iweartheheadress


Over the weekend we finally crossed over to to the west side and took Lucas to visit The High Line. I don’t know why we waited so long. Sure it’s a bit touristy and crowded but there’s a good reason for it. The views are spectacular and it’s filled with exciting nooks and grassy areas perfect for toddler exploring. We started off at 28th St. and made our way down to the meat packing district. Somewhere along the walk Lucas started to become extra hyper and I knew it was time for a nap. We were lucky enough to find two empty chaises. The shoes came off and we made ourselves right at home. Within minutes I had a drooling baby on my chest. My city boy can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, anytime. There must be something soothing about all that city noise! Definite highlights were our passion fruit paletas and the water fountain which entertained Lucas for about twenty whole minutes. Looks like we found ourselves a new summer stomping ground.

lucas: tank c/o children of the tribe | shorts c/o appaman | sneakers from converse 
nicole: necklace c/o mourning dove 


Summer days are near. Yes, yes they are. We came back from the most delicious weather in Nola (a post coming this week..I promise!) to even better, somehow more delectably scrumptious NYC sun. Low to mid 70’s, sunshine, and a killer breeze to top it off. I can’t tell you how long I (and every other New Yorker) have been waiting for this. I promised myself this winter while zipping up my North Face and putting on my snow boots for the one millionth time that I would NOT be that person. Ya know. The one who complains all winter long how they “just can’t wait for summer!” and then BOOM – one week into the heat proclaims how Fall needs to hurry up and get here. Nope. Mark my word. I will grin and bear the stinky subway (what’s with that anyways? there’s a Duane Reade on every corner stocked with deodorant my fellow NYC peeps. justtttt saying…), my inevitably sweaty back, and the endless applications of sunscreen. Because this winter was just that bad. And FYI. City summers are pretty bad ass. So yea. Summer days are near. I can feel it. 
Lucas’s tee c/o little nuggets


“What did you do as a child to make the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits.” 
– Carl Jung

My free spirited boy. We took a stroll to Central Park and came across a group of little girls who were playing in the fountain. It started with toe dips then clothes started flying everywhere. I hesitantly stripped Lucas to his diaper so he could play. No less than one minute later I was being handed a soggy pull up from Lucas. For a moment I began to internally freak. Strangers staring! The fountain must be filthy! But then Lucas ran off with the adorable gang of giggling girls and he looked so happy. So free. My nerves softened and I was able to just enjoy the moment and allow Lucas to run and let it all hang out. Childhood is magic. Lucas is magic. What a perfect afternoon. 


Last week we had a bit of a cold front. A major, unwanted departure from the sunny warm weekend that had just passed. It put me in a bit of a funk to say the least. I contemplated chucking all my winter jackets and wearing nothing but sandals and tanks out of spite. But then I’d wake up sick and bla bla bla. So there we were, bundling up in scarves and hats..yet again. The weather man must have felt the bad juju vibes I was sending him and we had a little break in the middle of the week. Lucas and I met new friends for coffee and a park date and it was just what we needed. We still needed a few layers but I can deal with a denim jacket. It’s the faux-fur lined coats that have me all in a tizzy. Either way, Spring we can feel you. We want you to stay. We kinda, really love you. Thanks in advance for the warm, sunny days, play dates with friends, and iced coffee breaks. Also, I think I’m looking pretty good with two kiddies. Ivan, I hope you’re reading this. I kid. I kid. Sort of. Thanks Mary for amping my baby fever to turbo. Cheers, Spring!

hat (thrifted) | jacket c/o camp wolf | leggings c/o little cocoa bean | sneakers from converse