This weekend was amazing, exhausting, and trying – all rolled into in. Yes, it really is possible to have an incredible weekend that you just can’t wait to be over. Trust me on this one. The mister was working late all week and had to work ALL weekend. He was off doing important job business and it was just the monkey and I left alone to our own devices. So here is a breakdown of what we did: took a few delicious naps (Lucas. NOT mama.), had a play date, took a few walks, and went to see abuela in Queens. Oh. A little person who shall not be named also decided to wake up at dawn on Sunday morning. Fun for everyone! But in all seriousness, although we missed daddy greatly, it was so nice to have a few days of one on one time with my boy. He really is the light of my life. Even if he hates when mami sleeps.


Saturday was perfect. The sun was shining and my boys and I had the day all to ourselves. We woke up and decided to take a walk through El Barrio, one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. Spanish Harlem reminds me so much of the Caribbean. The gorgeous buildings painted in pastels – sweet pinks and pops of mint and turquoise. I could get lost just staring at all the beautiful colors and architecture! Back to Saturday. We got dressed and headed out around 10 am (not without Lucas’s beloved felt house, of course ;). We made our way uptown where Ivan decided to stop at his barber shop. Lucas and I played and patiently waited (someone decided it would be fun to roll around in a pile of hair not previously swept up. not pointing fingers or anything but it wasn’t me..). Afterwards we headed to Cotsco – NOT a good idea on a Saturday but we are family of rebels – and picked up just a few essentials. Body wash for Lucas, deodorant for mama, and protein powder for the hubs. Lucas started to nod off during the check out. I remembered a beer garden we had passed on the walk over and we jetted back to take advantage of nap time..sweet, sweet nap time. My love and I enjoyed a quiet hour drinking beers and discussing our upcoming trip to New Orleans (!). As we stepped back out to the curb, Lucas popped up. I couldn’t have timed it better if I had tried. The first official Saturday of Spring was so very good. I’m smiling just thinking about all the amazing weekends to come this season.                      beanie c/o no sweet | scarf and sweater c/o little boss shop | leggings c/o piccolini | sneakers from converse


Candid-ladies-at-brunch Monitor-BTS
A big virtual cheers is in order for Solerno liqueur. Not only is their product divine (seriously, run don’t walk and get yourself a bottle for your upcoming holiday soirees) but they are an incredibly kind and generous company. I got myself a little Solerno crush over here and there’s no shame in my game 😉 Not only did they bring two of my favorite ladies (beauty #1 and beauty #2) and I together for their holiday campaign – still pinching myself – but they also threw us a fabulous party to boot. I mean. They’re that good! We had such an incredible time floating from friend to friend, drinks were flowing, and blood oranges were used as photo props (ahem..Jules ;). Party success! It was an honor to be asked to participate in Solerno’s Holiday 13′ campaign and I can’t thank them enough.
Wishing you all a happy, prosperous, Solerno kinda holiday! 


I love our daily walks. Lucas thinks I’m pretty fab and I make an excellent tour guide. And well, my tiny guy is the best at making a walk around the hood an exciting adventure. Halloween is just around the corner and he loves to check out all the amazing decorations in the neighborhood. One of my many favorite things about our walks is that whenever Lucas hears music, he just has to stop and dance. The boy has some serious moves! Check out those breakdancing skills! Killer, no? He’s also a great market shopper and handles the responsibility of cart pushing and checking out. Teach them young is my motto.
I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
rain coat from mini rodini | socks from crew cuts | sneakers from pepe 


Oh how I love trips to the park with my baby and great friends. My girlfriends are my loves and this gem of a gal is one of the best darn ladies I know. Jackie loves my guy and Lucas loves her right back. We look forward to our weekly dates – coffee, chasing after the bub, and lounging on the couch after Lucas has whooped both our butts. Cheers to friends who love our babies! I think that in itself is pretty epic..and shit. 
mama: sweater from sparkle & fade | sneakers from bdg
lucas león: zip-up from h&m (similar here) | levis leggings c/o piccolini | moccs c/o freshly picked


Saturday night Lucas and I took a bubble bath and practiced the alphabet by drawing on the tiles with washable crayons. We put on our pajamas and Lucas waited by my feet while I warmed up his milk. Off to the couch we went to snuggle under our favorite blanket, the one covered in milk stains that gets softer with every wash. Fifteen minutes later I carried a limp, sleeping toddler to his crib and cleaned off the drool puddle that had formed on my chest. Just our typical nightly routine. Then Lucas decided that routine is boring. Dull! For the birds I tell ya! He woke up at 1am happy as a clam and ready to party. We boogied until 4am. I’ll spare you the details and just say that we all woke up Sunday not so refreshed and a little cranky.
Nothing beats the morning grumps better than a street fair. Lucky for us there was one two blocks from our apartment, because ya know, like I said, we were sleepy – and sleepy = lazy. We ate grilled corn, gyros, and mozzarepas (the best darn things ever). Lucas skipped and trotted (yes, he trots) his way through the whole fair and even tried his hand at hula hooping. I see a dance future for this boy! Also, against my better judgment, I let Lucas into a bouncy house. To be fair I asked the attendant if he was big enough and she gave me an enthusiastic yes. There were also about three other kids inside the same size as Lucas. As he sat there staring at me, not bouncing, my heart jumped with every kid who flew past him. One minute later I collected my son, all toddler parts intact. Lesson learned. Mom fail aside, it was a mighty fine Sunday for this little family.
top c/o little boogaweezin | leggings c/o sweet luka mo | sneakers from little vida


Sunday mama slept in. Oh yes she did! After the boys took a mid-morning nap (which by the way is just about the sweetest thing ever) and I had some coffee, we got the show on the road and headed down to Riverside. There was a little fair going on with treats and rides for the kiddos. To be honest I was expecting more of an old fashioned carnival but Lucas had a great time nonetheless. His favorite ride was the little car which was about 15 seconds of fun. If you happened to be there, we were the parents with a screaming kid trying to cut the line for more turns. This boy has a full blown obsession with cars! The swings were also pretty fun and that view – sigh – sometimes New York, you take my breath away. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Brooklyn. How I love you so. Getting off the L train on Bedford Avenue we are always greeted with music, a sea of hipsters, and baby strollers. Yesterday afternoon we took the little mister to a barbecue before heading off to the bronx for a family dinner. Borough hoppers if you will. I was expecting to gush a bit more in this post but this morning (before I had any coffee) our toilet overflowed leaving me with a flooded bathroom, 10 wet towels, and 2 extra loads of laundry. So I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. And by the way, that fun floral frock I’m wearing? It’s a $2 thrift find! I hope you all had a fab, flood-free weekend.
head wrap c/o iweartheheadress | dress (thrifted) | belt (my mamas closet) | bag (thrifted)



This is a recap of our seriously awesome day in the park last week. Better late than never, right? 😉 So back to the park. Central Park. Our beautiful backyard. Literally a hop, skip, and jump away from our little ol’ apartment. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have this lush haven to explore with Lucas. It has been our saving grace on many a cranky afternoon. I am a Central Park ninja at this point – I have scouted out and know all the perfect nearby spots to let Lucas run free and fill his pockets with dirt (under close supervision of course 😉

Last week was no exception. I rounded up the boys and off we went. One of my dearest friends was celebrating her grandmas birthday via a Central Park soiree and we were invited to join the festivities. There was lots and lots of kiddos, amazing food, music, and balloons. What more could we ask for?IMG_5085IMG_5119IMG_5104IMG_5122IMG_5126IMG_5131IMG_5114IMG_5139IMG_5230IMG_5285IMG_5286IMG_5296

We were having such a blast that we didn’t even realize we were still out having fun during Lucas’s bath time. We packed up the stroller and gunned it home, desperately trying to make it back before the little mister passed out. Well not only did he pass out, he was catching those z’s while sitting upright in daddy’s arms! We paid for this later when we HAD to wake him up for a quick rinse before bed (there was actual dirt in his diaper). At least it made for a funny photo op and video. Always a good time with my boys!


 Today was good. Really good. It was the type of day NYC summer dreams are made of. Ninety degree weather..pshhhh. You don’t scare us! The hubs and I hopped on the train and headed downtown to meet a few of our loves and make a special stop at the Washington Square Outdoor Exhibition: “Art in the Village”. Lucas’s Uncle Phil is one heck of a talented artist and we had to go see his amazing display.
We set up camp right on University Ave. and spent the afternoon drinking chilled tea, blowing bubbles, and watching the passerby’s. One thing about NYC in the summer time, it sure brings out the crazies. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but seriously, sit in one spot for longer than 20 minutes and I guarantee you will be able to count the number of characters that pass you by on both hands. I write this not to scare you, but to assure you that this is what makes our city unique and fun 😉
IMG_5573Today was only the beginning of what looks to be an incredible summer for us. Keep the scorchers comin’! This mama isn’t complaining one bit (don’t hold this against me when I start rambling about how the heat is unbearable, the trains are stinky, yada yada yada ;). Happy summer days, you guys!