We’re in the home stretch and I truly can’t believe it. It’s funny how the pregnant mind works because in the last week my energy levels have shifted from 0 to 100 and I have officially entered the nesting zone. Cleaning every nook, making lists, crossing things off, making new lists, and packing. We have four weeks left but quite a few mamas have been telling me the second baby sometimes likes to make an early appearance and well, its better to be prepared than scrambling to throw things in a bag at the last minute. Right? Right.

One of my main priorities (after having a safe birth and delivering my healthy baby of course) is having appropriate nursing gear and comfortable clothing options that still make me feel put together as visitors and family come to see the baby and I. I’m so in love with this nursing bra from Destination Maternity – I adore the color and the fit is perfect and insanely comfortable. It’s pretty enough that I don’t mind having it show under a robe (like this one shown above! also, the dark color will hide any stains.) as well as keeping it on through the night. I also love this nursing bra for when we leave the hospital. It’s a bit more structured and I feel more dressed when wearing it.

I will also be packing these black leggings, comfy white tees (preferably with a deep v-neck – I’m using my hubby’s), and a light sweater/kimono for walking the halls.

A few other essentials:

+ My bag!

+ Honest nipple balm for soothing the boobies. I’m hoping for a quick latch and a little baby girl who loves her mamas milk!

+ Witch hazel (for my lady bits..). Applying this was such a relief after my labor and recovery with Lucas. You can also get astringent pads and chill them in the fridge.

+ Bag of toiletries: body wash (I’ve been using this one and love it), toothbrush, toothpaste, unscented lotion, face wash, dry shampoo, hair brush, bobby pins, a few hair ties, and deodorant.

+ Speaking of lady bits – undies. I am purchasing a pack  (these are so comfy) that I don’t mind tossing.

+ This beautiful delivery gown from James Fox Co.

+ A small make-up bag with just the essentials in case I have the energy to spruce up for visitors and photos. I’m packing powder, blush, concealer, and chap-stick. Just the basics.

+ Rubber flip flops/2 pairs of socks.

+ Camera and camera charger.

+ Cell phone charger.

I’ll be leaving the bag ready to go in our bedroom along with a written list for my hubby or my mama – depending on when baby girl decides it’s show time. I hope this list is helpful and if you think I’m missing anything please let me know! Good luck to all my expecting mamas!


handwriting 4 copyIMG_1313I’m so honored to have been asked to style a few pieces for HATCHland – HATCH’S amazing blog full of inspo! I can’t believe I’ve been dressing this bump for 33 weeks already. I’ve been wearing these pieces almost daily and they are going to be just perfect for when the baby arrives..flowy, comfy, nursing-friendly, and beautiful.

Check out the full feature here.



A lot of things start happening skin wise when you’re pregnant. Weird red patches and outbreaks, sensitivity, itching…I could go on. With both my pregnancies I’ve tried a few different brands and products, most of which bothered me smell wise and just didn’t feel good on my skin – too greasy, too light.

The moment I entered my second trimester I started a skin care routine that I’ve been pretty religious with. One of my favorite companies that I have been using is Basq. All of their products are made in the USA and are allergy and sensitive free (which is so important to me since pregnant mama skin can be so wonky). Below I’ve listed some of my favorite products and how/when I use them..

+ Citrus Scrub: I can’t even begin to describe the relief I feel when I use this stuff. Magic I tell you! I usually scrub my entire body down – focussing on my belly and breasts – twice a week. Not only does it leave my skin feeling silky smooth, it’s also a relief from that tight feeling you can sometimes experience.

+ Resilient Body Oil: The eucalyptus scent is my jam and I haven’t gotten sick of it which is huge. I use this every night before bed. It’s the perfect consistency and not too “oily” (make sense?). A few pumps go a long way.

+ Facial Cleanser: My face reacted very differently this time around. A few breakouts and blotchy patches appeared. I wanted to make sure I used a gentle cleanser and this scrub is perfect. I use 2-3x a week and it leaves me with the prettiest glow and is extremely gentle.

I truly believe in taking great of your skin and with a few minor tweaks in your pre-pregnancy routine, your regimen can be easily customized and leave you feeling good and pampered (yes!). This post is partnership with Basq, a company I love. All opinion are my own. 



Be still my heart. Birchbox has teamed up with babyGap to create the perfect box of essentials for mamas-to-be. Each product was hand selected by Katia Beauchamp, cofounder at Birchbox, and the genius Birchbox team, to create the ultimate pampering experience for us mamas. Yes!

I’ve been slathering on and treating myself to impromptu spa nights in my bathroom with all the delicious treats included in the box. Not only does everything smell amazing (ultra important as I have been so incredibly nauseous this pregnancy), every product is safe to use while my baby is cooking. And will you check out those adorable onesies? Soon there will be a tiny baby wearing those!

Learn more about the products included and where to purchase over on Babiekins.


IMG_6840 IMG_6839 IMG_6807 IMG_6811 IMG_6799IMG_7054*things currently making me very, very happy*

+ Cozy days in with my boy (especially when it’s 9 degrees outside..).

+ New growth! Spring is just around the corner and this mama can’t wait.

+ Family portraits. I still can’t believe we will soon be a family of four!

+ My morning, noon, and night luxury. My belly just feels so good after slathering these on.

+ NAPS. Sweet, sweet naps.