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It’s officially March and I’m dreaming of Spring. Who’s with me? I can close my eyes and smell the grass, the warm breeze, and hear Lucas’s squeals as he runs through the park. I miss the beautiful flowers blooming in Central Park and our family picnics. Lillie was born in August and we had a short but sweet taste of what life would be like as a family of four come the warmer days. No bulky jackets and layers upon layers, missing mittens, and kids who want to rip off hats even when it’s 10 degrees outside. I’m pretty over running home to avoid the cold after school pick up is done and anxiously awaiting Ivan to get home. I love being active with the kids and there are so many adventures awaiting us – museum dates, exploring Central Park (because even though I have lived in NYC my entire life there are always new pockets to be discovered), Lillie experiencing the feeling of grass between her bitty toes, and lots and lots of pop-pops (as Lucas calls them) from the ice cream truck. I am waiting for our little apartment to be flooded with delicious light and for the windows to be cracked open letting in that glorious Spring breeze. I want the sun to hit our cheeks. I want my freckles to come back. Spring, we are ready.

Images by Hazel and Pine in collaboration with our friends at Sakura Bloom. I am wearing the classic linen sling in wheat


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Lillie Sol is 2 weeks young and she is already a true New Yorker. We have been to Central Park a handful of times already and I can attest to how much the fresh air and family time has done us all some good. Lillie and I sit in the shade and nurse/cuddle/nurse while Ivan and Lucas rough house. These family afternoons in the park have been such a gift and I’m not so secretly a bit sad about next week when Ivan goes back to work. In the mean time I’ll be soaking in these moments, my people, and of course our big ol’ backyard – hey Central Park! Looking good girl!

Lily Jade is an amazing diaper bag company and they were kind enough to send me their Elizabeth Bag which I am officially obsessed with. I love that it converts into a back pack and allows me to be hands free while wearing Lillie. There are also a ton of pockets perfect for organizing all those tiny baby bits and bobs and honestly it’s just plain beautiful.


This is my final post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple linen baby sling in Caribbean. I want to thank Sakura Bloom for allowing to be a part of this amazing journey with so many incredible mothers and fathers. It has been a privilege and an honor. Wearing Lucas has been such an important, vital part of my life for the past two years and I will treasure the memories forever. Lucas,Saturday afternoon we walked together as a family to a carnival in the neighborhood. I saw it being set up last week. The workers assembling the rides, flashing lights, and polyester teddy bears being hung up in colorful rows. I spent the last few days talking your dads ear off about how I couldn’t wait to take you and oh my goodness – the car carrousel! You love cars buddy and just the thought of watching your face light up as you got to choose which specific car you wanted to ride in (you are quite opinionated), well, it made me smile from ear to ear. You see, I live for these adventures with you. The way your eyes grow wide with excitement and your mouth slowly forms an O. The way only a two year old can shout “wowwwww”. Pure Joy. When I pick you up from nursery school, I rush to collect your paintings from the day, throw your hat on, and scurry out the door so we can slowly walk home. What should be a 10 minute walk usually turns into 20, sometimes 30 minutes, and more often than not it is the highlight of my day. We stop to look at the window fronts – the best ones are the fish market and the model airplane shop. Sometimes we find a stoop to sit on and chat about your day while you eat a bag of platano chips. My little one, every day is an adventure with you. When I take the time to view the world through your eyes, everything seems that much more magical, beautiful, innocent, and exciting. Thank you for teaching your mami this lesson. I know there are times when I seem rushed. Dinner has to be made, there are emails sitting in my inbox, the rugs are covered in dog hair and I need to vacuum for what seems like the millionth time that week. Thank you for being so forgiving. Thank you for shoving a ninja turtle in my face and telling me to “sit, mama!”. Because emails can wait. Donatello and Michaelangelo are where it’s at. Playing and listening to you is an adventure in itself. I’m constantly amazed by your growth and your  love of learning. Two years old and you already seem to have a grasp on what’s important in life. Cheers to a lifetime of adventures together. Te amo, Mami


This is my fifth post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.”

One of the most important jobs we have as parents is mastering the art of listening. Often times with the hustle and bustle of being a mama, listening – I mean really listening – to our children gets lost. There’s dinner to be made, diapers to be changed, laundry to be folded, and toys to clean up. I get it. Moms are the busiest human beings on the planet. However that is not an excuse for our children’s voice and words to get lost.  
Lucas’s language skills are blossoming at a rapid face. He thrives on engagement and his favorite person in the world to chat with is his mama. We are constantly having conversations and man I just love hearing him articulate his thoughts. I make sure to ask him about his day every evening. We chat about color and cars..ya know..worldly topics for a two year old. I encourage him to express his emotions. When he’s sad I ask him why. When he’s happy I embrace his joy and laugh with him. Even if it’s after a toot because who am I kidding, toddler farts are hilarious. 
I never want Lucas to feel I am too busy to listen to him. His words are the the most important thing in the world to me and I want him to know his voice matters. I long for him to be a man who isn’t afraid to express the type of emotions deemed “feminine” by our society. I want him to be strong with a voice that is not big, but instead thoughtful. I know that this beautiful voice of his is being shaped now. That he requires my full attention, witty banter, and more often than not – my silence. The art of listening will flourish in our home, I promise you that my sweet boy.
floral head piece c/o iweartheheadress


This is my fourth post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
On a cold Saturday evening my little family bundled up and walked to Museum Mile. The Guggenheim was calling our names.It fills my heart with such happiness to share all the beauty this city of ours has to offer with my littlest love. The arts played an immense part of my childhood and helped shape the woman I am today. I attended my first concert at Madison Square Garden at just eight years old (Whitney Houston, in case you were curious!). That same year I watched actors float across a Broadway stage, belting out classics from Grease as my eyes filled with wonderment. Every weekend my mother made sure to take me to a museum, an art class, or a new neighborhood to explore. I was enrolled in dance and still remember the freedom and grace that our bodies can ignite-. I want this for Lucas.

My budding, curious boy has the world at his fingers. For now it is up to his father and I to show him..to give him the freedom to touch, dance, explore. Academics are important, sure. But in all honesty I don’t believe that a standard classroom regimen is the key to success. In order to find your true calling, to find your passion, to find out who you are, the arts are key. I want Lucas to try an instrument. To feel the smooth keys of a piano beneath his long fingers. I want Lucas to dance! To feel the rhythm of a salsa ballad run through his core. I want Lucas to paint. To watch his own masterpiece take form with every brush stroke. To me, this is living, and I want to give Lucas every opportunity in the world to feel these tangible emotions and make a decision based on his life experiences on what path he chooses to take as an young adult. Maybe he will be a scientist. But he also may very well choose to be the next Felipe Polanco.

So instead of another episode of Sesame Street where a screen was teaching him about the color green, we headed off to the museum. Where he could learn by exploring and experiencing the rich colors (green included ;).


This is my third post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
Becoming a mother rocked my world.
It changed me for the better.

I look back on my early twenties and remember all the complaints..the moaning and groaning when I couldn’t wiggle my skinny bottom into a pair of jeans. Or how I just had to lose an extra pound or two. Truthfully, I’m still working on my post-baby confidence and have found myself in moments of weakness wishing I could somehow instantly transform my body. But then I step back and remind myself of the bigger picture.

My tummy might be soft to the touch but I am thankful. Thankful for my body that for months carried and protected my gift from God until he was ready to meet us. And then there are the times we are snuggled in bed and Lucas lifts my shirt to rub my stomach.  He turns his head up to look at me and gives me a smile filled with so much love it almost hurts.

My thighs may have cellulite but I am thankful. Thankful that I have strong legs that allow me to run and chase my free spirited boy.

My arms may jiggle but I am thankful. Thankful that each night I rock my baby until I can hear a soft snore in my ear and I feel his body go heavy and I know he his dreaming. Arms that can throw my son in the air and make him giggle like nobodies business. Arms that wrap around his small body when he’s scared or upset and only mama can comfort him.

My breast feeding journey began with a baby who wouldn’t latch, nights of crying and no sleep, but I am thankful. Thankful that I never gave up and that for one full year I was able to nourish my son and watch those plump cheeks and delicious thighs grow because he was getting all the nutrients he needed from his mama. A gift only I could have given him.

My nails are short, never painted, and I’m lucky if I remember to moisturize my poor hands, but I am thankful. Thankful for the tiny paw that fits perfectly into mine and who holds onto me as we walk hand in hand on our adventures.

My face is often naked and under eye bags are front and center but I am thankful. Thankful because my unadorned cheeks are your favorite to kiss.

When I look in the mirror I am most certainly not perfect. There are a million flaws to be seen, circled, and criticized. But then I think of my son, my creation. Who looks at me with a love so fierce, it’s penetrating. Who never cares if my hair is washed or if my nails are manicured. His love has given me the confidence of the most beautiful super model in the world. Unlike said super model, I don’t make a million bucks a day, but I am paid in infinite kisses, impromptu dance shows, half eaten cookies covered in slobber, and a love that is never ending. I think I know who the winner is here. So thank you mi amor, for giving me a confidence I never knew existed. Until you.

maxi skirt c/o bel & beau 


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This is my second post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
My dearest Lucas, 
I dreamed of you long before you were mine my beautiful boy. I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I dreamed of the day a little soul would belong to me. The morning I found out that I was pregnant I sat on the edge of the bed, stunned, tears of joy caressing my cheeks. A mother. I was going to be a mother. 2 months later, right before your papa and I were to find out your gender I had a vivid dream of a beautiful little boy. Running wild with a head of sandy brown hair. I knew you long before the first time you were placed in my arms.
For months I envisioned what you would be like. What I wanted for you. What I hoped and wished for our life as a family. None of that matters now. I quickly learned that this life of yours is just that. Yours. I can only be your guide, your mentor, your shoulder to lean on. You are my vivacious boy. So spirited and full of life and joy. You are my explorer. My boy with a heart of gold. When you wake in the morning you snuggle on my chest and softly stroke my arms. You have a sensitive soul that I only want to guard and protect. I dream and hope that everyone you encounter in life appreciates these beautiful characteristics as much as your mama. I dream of you seeing the world, discovering who you are, one day becoming a papa. I hope your own dreams are big! So big you feel like you can conquer anything, do anything, and touch the lives of those around you. I am so in love with this journey called motherhood and seeing the world through your eyes. Mi amor, life is yours for the taking. One dream at a time. Mama will be just a few footsteps behind, just in case you ever need to turn around and grab hold of my hand. We can be dreamers together. 


I am honored to be amongst 17 amazing mamas and papas for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. I will be documenting my baby wearing journey with sakura bloom for the next six months. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
New York City. I have quite the love affair with this city of mine. Born and raised, I fall into the category of those who proudly boast “I will never leave!”. On November 20th I went into labor with Lucas. It was a cold, dark evening when I walked (waddled) into Colombia Presbyterian hospital, located in the heart of Washington Heights. 32 hours later my prince stormed into the world, the glass windows of the birthing room showing off NYC and all it’s beauty in the morning light. The tall buildings, crown molding dating back to a time in New york I only dream of experiencing, the graffiti marked walls dotting the city with color. A Big Apple welcome for my seven pound New Yorker.

There’s a reason why NYC has been dubbed the melting pot of the world. A city that never sleeps and is immersed in culture. Within a 5 block radius of our apartment we can choose between Indian, Chinese, Italian, Tai, or Japanese cuisine. Lucas has developed quite the palate. There are countless playgrounds to choose from. And then there’s the best back yard (in my humble opinion) that ever was – Central Park. One of my very favorite cultural gems is Spanish Harlem. On our walks through El Barrio Lucas dances to the blaring salsa music coming from tiny apartment windows and the smell of maduros (Lucas’s favorite treat) fills the streets. Oh, and the art! From painted classics that fill giant white rooms on Museum Row to the equally special street murals, a part of our daily routine is learning about and appreciating all the masterpieces our city has to offer. 

I think what I Iove most, and what I’m truly excited for, is Lucas’s exposure to all walks of life. I see Lucas float from child to child at the playground and it prides me to know he doesn’t see color. He doesn’t know color. He looks at me with widened, excited eyes as if to say “look mama, I made a new friend!”. What could be better than that? To raise our children to look for the amazing qualities in a person and befriend them because they love what’s inside – that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? So thank you New York City, our very own mecca of culture, art, and love, for helping me raise my son to be the man I know he is destined to become. A stand up human being who accepts the world with a big heart and sparkling brown eyes that see no cultural boundaries. Just beauty.