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One of the many, many perks of living in NYC – absolutely amazing parties in the best parks. Seriously. It does not get better than this. Last weekend we headed down to the East Village to celebrate sweet Lucien’s 3rd birthday party. It was super hero themed and Lucas was pretty stoked to be Kid Flash. There was pizza, cake, and in true NYC fashion – live guitar playing right in the middle of the playground. The weather was perfect and it was a sweet taste of the magical Spring weekends to come.

On a side note, that black book bag in the photos? It’s our new XLR8 Diaper Bag. I wanted to mention it here because I’m obsessed. Ready for this? Besides the standard diaper bag features (changing mat, tons of storage, insulated pockets) it has a CHARGING STATION. AND A SPEAKER. Say what?! So you can be our of the house all day and charge your phones on the go (when your battery dies after taking 1000 pics of the kids ;). The speaker has been amazing for our family picnics. Who doesn’t love music in the park?


Saturday was perfect. The sun was shining and my boys and I had the day all to ourselves. We woke up and decided to take a walk through El Barrio, one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. Spanish Harlem reminds me so much of the Caribbean. The gorgeous buildings painted in pastels – sweet pinks and pops of mint and turquoise. I could get lost just staring at all the beautiful colors and architecture! Back to Saturday. We got dressed and headed out around 10 am (not without Lucas’s beloved felt house, of course ;). We made our way uptown where Ivan decided to stop at his barber shop. Lucas and I played and patiently waited (someone decided it would be fun to roll around in a pile of hair not previously swept up. not pointing fingers or anything but it wasn’t me..). Afterwards we headed to Cotsco – NOT a good idea on a Saturday but we are family of rebels – and picked up just a few essentials. Body wash for Lucas, deodorant for mama, and protein powder for the hubs. Lucas started to nod off during the check out. I remembered a beer garden we had passed on the walk over and we jetted back to take advantage of nap time..sweet, sweet nap time. My love and I enjoyed a quiet hour drinking beers and discussing our upcoming trip to New Orleans (!). As we stepped back out to the curb, Lucas popped up. I couldn’t have timed it better if I had tried. The first official Saturday of Spring was so very good. I’m smiling just thinking about all the amazing weekends to come this season.                      beanie c/o no sweet | scarf and sweater c/o little boss shop | leggings c/o piccolini | sneakers from converse