photo-11Squaready20130902182743Squaready20130902182716Squaready20130902182656Squaready20130902182458Squaready20130902182359Squaready20130902182523Lucas slept in today until 10am. Yes, you read that correctly. I woke up genuinely confused and refreshed. I got my mama chef on and made some pancakes. I recently bought a bag of gluten-free mix at Costco. #fail. Maybe I somehow missed a step in the prepping but they were downright lifeless. What’s a pancake without the fluff? I’ll give them another try during the week but it looks like it’s Aunt Jemima for the win. I’ll keep you posted. Riveting stuff here.
Despite the flood alert warning that I received from Sprint, we got dressed and headed down to University Place to visit Uncle Phil. A little rain never hurt anyone. There was lots of great art to see, coffee to be enjoyed, and friends to talk to. Lucas especially loves seeing his Nina who spoils him with kisses and god mama lovings. We’re looking forward to play dates with pals and a trip to the zoo this week. Hope you all had a fab Monday.


 Today was good. Really good. It was the type of day NYC summer dreams are made of. Ninety degree weather..pshhhh. You don’t scare us! The hubs and I hopped on the train and headed downtown to meet a few of our loves and make a special stop at the Washington Square Outdoor Exhibition: “Art in the Village”. Lucas’s Uncle Phil is one heck of a talented artist and we had to go see his amazing display.
We set up camp right on University Ave. and spent the afternoon drinking chilled tea, blowing bubbles, and watching the passerby’s. One thing about NYC in the summer time, it sure brings out the crazies. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but seriously, sit in one spot for longer than 20 minutes and I guarantee you will be able to count the number of characters that pass you by on both hands. I write this not to scare you, but to assure you that this is what makes our city unique and fun 😉
IMG_5573Today was only the beginning of what looks to be an incredible summer for us. Keep the scorchers comin’! This mama isn’t complaining one bit (don’t hold this against me when I start rambling about how the heat is unbearable, the trains are stinky, yada yada yada ;). Happy summer days, you guys!



I woke up this morning exhausted and not quite sure where the day would take us. The weather forecast seemed a bit wonky but the house was a mess and neither Lucas or I wanted to stay indoors. Why clean when your backyard is quite literally a giant playground full of adventure. We decided to meet my mom at the Union Square farmers market and take it from there.

IMG_4415IMG_4417IMG_4418IMG_4423IMG_4439IMG_4456IMG_4469IMG_4472IMG_4474IMG_4484IMG_4496IMG_4509After browsing the market we ran into Whole Foods to grab some lunch. We found the perfect spot to eat right next to the fountain. Lucas ran around and chatted with some tourists, ya know, the usual. After filling our bellies we took the train to Columbus Circle to visit a friend with the most amazing view of the city. Seriously, I fall in love with New York all over again every time I step out onto her balcony.


Thanks NYC for yet another awesome day.

hat, coat, & jeans from zara kids // tank & cardigan from little vida // moccasins c/o freshly picked