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A few weeks ago I got to spend the morning with Well Rounded NY, shooting with my dear friend Lindsey, around my hood. Having these photos mean the world – a little reminder I will always have of what a normal morning with my girl looked like before she was Earth side.

I also got to chat with the amazing Well Rounded mamas (ps – follow them on Instagram here!) about pregnancy, life in NYC with my family, and some of my favorite neighborhood spots in case you are local or ever thinking of visiting. You can check it out here.

Dress c/o of Storq. Bag c/o of Little Boogaweezin


Good grief. Are these not some of the cutest tots you’ve ever seen?! Lucas and some of his best buddies got together for a morning of fun (bubbles, lollipops, and hugs 😉 and a photo shoot on a sick NYC rooftop. Do these kids have it made or what?

My girls at Well Rounded asked me to style this shoot and I jumped at the chance. The kids are all wearing some of my favorite brands that Lucas wears daily. Photography was shot by Lindsey who is so so talented and an absolute gem. The kiddos are all our own and I think they made the cutest models 😉 You can see the entire shoot and learn more about the brands here. Thanks again to Kaity, Jessica, and Lindsey – you ladies are the absolute dream team!