Lucas and I are currently soaking up the sun in sunny Florida and visiting my aunties. I’ve been coming here since I was six months old. Lucas’s first trip down south was also when he was just six months. I guess you can say it’s a tradition of sorts. We’ve only been here 3 days but little man already knows the backyard like the back of his hand. All the small nooks, where to hide his treasures, and singing as he follows the trail to the shed. It’s quite a site to see him playing in the yard I explored as a young girl. Today we took a trip to Clearwater beach. My most favorite of all the beaches in the world. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about how Lucas loathes sand. Well today was a big day for us. Off he went, barefoot and loving it! Talk about an exciting mommy moment. Now – pictures!

photo-3vsco_02Squaready20130807214105photo2photo-4Squaready20130807213354Squaready20130807213558photo-21If you notice, there’s a reoccurring theme of little to no clothing going on. I kinda like it. Were not in NYC, that’s for sure. 6 more days of pure sunny bliss for this duo.


  1. Adri- Adris World 08.08.2013

    Great pictures! He’s so cute!


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