I hope everyone had a beautiful day yesterday giving thanks and spending time with loved ones. We were amongst family and friends and it was truly a wonderful Thanksgiving. My two turkeys are the light of my life and man am I one blessed lady to have them. My little family of 3 has been through a ton of changes this year and each uncovered stone has made us stronger and just solidifies what I have known all along (I’m a genius that way) – we can get through anything with love. And there’s a whole lotta love happening around these parts! A few things I am forever thankful and grateful for:
our health. we are a bunch of healthy, happy people over here. 
a beautiful mama who makes me strive to be the best mom I can be. it’s hard to top that lady.
the handsome fella above and his hugs that make me feel warm, safe, and eternally loved. 
friends who are rare gems. 
my career.
a small person who couldn’t bring me more happiness if he tried. i’ll take another just like him, thank ya very much. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your bellies and hearts be full this holiday and always!

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