I love our weekend trips to Brooklyn. My sister in law is lucky enough to live a stones throw from Prospect Park which makes for fun, family picnics and easy access to a bathroom 😉 Lucas usually naps around 12pm and since we were on the train headed to the park during that time he decided to skip his usual snooze time (trains rides are just way too exciting!). As we approached the park he slowly started to turn into a MESS – skipping nap time will do that to you. So he slept for the first 2 hours and woke up with the dancing bug. FYI – yes, I’m a lucky mama. My kid can sleep through anything. Including a magic act and hip hop music blasting throughout the park. So fast forward 2 hours later and the kid was ready to party. I may be biased but Lucas is an incredible dancer. Seriously guys, the boy has moves! The moment my boy turns 3 (EEK!) he will be enrolled in dance. Dancing was such a big part of my life as a child and I think it’s such an incredible way to learn to express yourself. Plus music and dance is just in his blood. It’s pretty clear to see. So any who, dance class in a few months, amazing park trips to look forward to this summer, and the dopest dancing pants you ever did see.                                     tee c/o no sweet | pants from munster kids c/o carousel ny | sneakers from converse 


  1. Jasna 05.05.2014

    He is soooooo cute! Such dance moves! :-)


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