Today was one of those days. The kind of day that made me think “was there a full moon I missed last night?”. Lucas is energetic but today he was on turbo. Fighting me tooth and nail on just about everything. Running around like a tiny wild man and leaving behind a path of destruction. After his nap (thank the heavens for a 2 hour snooze fest!) I offered him pasta and meat sauce for lunch. Nope. I made mashed potatoes. Nope. Cookies and strawberry butter? Almost, but no cigar. Finally I got him to eat a cup of greek yogurt, which coincidentally he had for breakfast. At that point I was in no mood to fight. The boy wanted yogurt and that was that. As long as he was eating, right? Right? So on to the point of this post. We have a wonderful art studio in our neighborhood that we have passed so many times but I never felt Lucas was old enough to sit still and actually enjoy it. Well hello Monday! The Craft Studio it is! ANYTHING to calm him down. vsco_0-2vsco_0-6vsco_0-11vsco_0-3vsco_0-7vsco_0-9vsco_0-5vsco_0-12We chose a batman ceramic for daddy and Lucas painted his little heart out. The neon colors and crazy brush strokes..the kid is an art genius! The Craft Studio is a gift sent from up above. The staff is beyond friendly and helpful. They also have infinite patience. Lucas might have took about 15 painting breaks to peruse the studio and check out the toys. He also might have tried to help sweep. What can I say. He likes to clean like his mama. If you are a NYC mama I highly encourage you to check it out with your little ones! Thank you to The Craft Studio for saving the day and this mamas sanity.



  1. Your little boy is gorgeous! I’m a Parent Society Contributor as well and following you on Blog Lovin!

    • Nicole Gonzalez 08.01.2013

      Hi and thank you so much!! So great to virtually meet you 😉 Hope to talk soon!!!


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