This year we actually sent out holiday cards – yippee! I don’t know what happened last year. Laziness? Not enough time? Either way, postable made it super easy and convenient for us and we just love how our card turned out!

Postable is genius. Once you set up your account, your address book is saved and you can access it for all future cards and invitations. You can choose to have your cards delivered to your home to personally mail them out or if you are like me, you can choose to have them mail them all for you. Yes! There’s still time to send New Years cards for all the procrastinators out there!

You can see a few more of our outtakes here. Because Lucas was thrilled to hold up a giant wreath. Thanks for sitting still for mamas vision my little love and thank you again to postable for making our holiday card giving a breeze this year.

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