About once a month we like to mosey uptown to our closest Target. Not because we need anything in particular (good grief walking into that store is a TRAP!) but simply because we enjoy the walk. This trip in particular had purpose – a new Ninja Turtle for the boy. Because you can never have enough turtles. We stopped for a cherry icee and Lucas was nice enough to share with mama (although none was spared for daddy). When we finally made it to Target Lucas couldn’t decide which turtle he wanted. These are hard decisions people! After about half hour of serious deliberation he settled on a turtle lunch box and puzzle. Wins. 
And it must be noted that little boys who wear pink are bosses. I am loving his new tank from Kid + Kind. You must take a moment to check out this absolutely darling shop.

Also, this. A campaign that is supporting and encouraging kids to wear any color they choose – regardless of their gender. Started by Martine Zoer founder of Quirkie Kids, she is using her shop (chock full of PINK!) and campaign to spread tolerance of individual expression amongst kids and their peers – adults included. #freetowearpink

lucas: tank c/o kid + kind | pants c/o nununu | sneakers from converse
nicole: choker from top knot goods 


  1. Chelsea Vassi 07.23.2014

    I love Target as well, but that one in particular I can never find anything good and the entrance almost always smells terrible! Yet I always venture back in hopes that it’s gotten a little better.

    • nicole gonzalez 07.24.2014

      Hi Chelsea! Haha! At least it’s not far from our home 😉 Saturday is deff. a bit crowded but we love the walk over! xx

  2. Hannah J 07.24.2014

    I have a Quirkie Kids pink onesie. I am just waiting for my little boy to be big enough to wear it. Then again I think his Daddy and big brother might have something to say so I’ll have to make sure he wears it out with my friends who are all for losing gender stereotypes etc.

    • nicole gonzalez 07.24.2014

      I love Quirkie Kids!! I’m sure his daddy won’t have much to say when he sees how cute your little boy looks :)


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