photo-11Squaready20130902182743Squaready20130902182716Squaready20130902182656Squaready20130902182458Squaready20130902182359Squaready20130902182523Lucas slept in today until 10am. Yes, you read that correctly. I woke up genuinely confused and refreshed. I got my mama chef on and made some pancakes. I recently bought a bag of gluten-free mix at Costco. #fail. Maybe I somehow missed a step in the prepping but they were downright lifeless. What’s a pancake without the fluff? I’ll give them another try during the week but it looks like it’s Aunt Jemima for the win. I’ll keep you posted. Riveting stuff here.
Despite the flood alert warning that I received from Sprint, we got dressed and headed down to University Place to visit Uncle Phil. A little rain never hurt anyone. There was lots of great art to see, coffee to be enjoyed, and friends to talk to. Lucas especially loves seeing his Nina who spoils him with kisses and god mama lovings. We’re looking forward to play dates with pals and a trip to the zoo this week. Hope you all had a fab Monday.


  1. Cool happy pictures

  2. maria 09.05.2013

    I tried that gluten-free pancake mix from Costco too. So flat!! WHAT. Not pancakes at all. Love your honest & sweet little blog here. Maria

    • nicole gonzalez 09.06.2013

      Right?! I was so disappointed. I’m glad it wasn’t my cooking skills 😉 And thank you Maria!!! You are so sweet. xoxo


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