I’ve written about and worked with Lindsey many times before. You can see our previous collaborations here and here. The lady is an artist. There’s no other way for me to describe her. She creates pure magic behind that lens of hers. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of having Lindsey photograph Lucas and I. This shoot was different then the others we have done together. It was just Lucas and I strolling around on the Upper West Side in our natural state. No fancy clothes or special locations scouted out. It was simply mama and son. Us.

During our mini-shoot, Lindsey made me feel completely at ease. Oh, there’s a photographer following my son and I? No big deal 😉 When Lucas became fussy she allowed me to take my time and calm him down. She continued to shoot even during these moments and some of those shots are my absolute favorite. Because they are real. Real moments that happen every day between my little guy and I. Yes,  most of the time Lucas is a gem. But I also want to remember the moments that although now seem frustrating and hard, are all a part of what being a mother is all about. When I look at the photographs, I don’t think “Wow Lucas, you were being a real stinker. You were driving your mom crazy!”. Instead I see a mama comforting her son. I see Lucas melting in my arms because me, his mother, his first love, knows him like nobody else does. This my friends, is the beauty of photography. A moment frozen in time. What a beautiful thing that is.T4YwS-TXktVBRdmriUNaAQzWmfhdC-IEDCoUISN7wikPgSAkiYkG8qbWLShq-PtWH_ncNG_hSw8JbFZM1uQulUeK7L0uYoT00w425Shi8NS8S5h7-Yv0If0BxgzSKMG_UPrIadGDKCNopmAVrsBCOcuWEb9fMqn1Iq6KfS4dVJokozd4wyPpduyGnXJsqHiD6UR36grE19t2y6elj5-XchIZKWLeYB5MIy4k5EmsHhFyPoTnyEvD4bNYK8F6nvp6rIcIGGycVvHYl2YYzATYC4aJpSoJ1oIBs7fC8g0cd5_WgUDv6fLVxXhuz2zC8fLPKed7DS-V5uFfRzL1wJyk938glVhm5RXstBfxHddbX2C2aystT6gCNDoFI28_kSiP3aAWhen I received the final copies of the images last week from Lindsey my heart skipped a beat. I felt overwhelmed with emotion. So much joy looking at these photographs. The pure innocence in my son and the unconditional love that we share. I thank you Lindsey, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me this gift.

You guys, I have something else to share. Lindsey is giving away a mini session to two lucky ducks! One person will win a package with a grand total value of $1,185! This includes a 30 minute shoot and all edited digital files. When you tag a friend they will a mini session and one 8×10 print – valued at $365. The best part? You have two years to book your shoot and you don’t have to live in NYC to enter. If you plan on visiting the big apple in the next few years or have a friend you’d like to enter on behalf of, get your entry game face on! The details are all on Instagram and the giveaway will be going on until Saturday. Good luck!

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