Our loves at Freshly Picked have done it again (how they always seem to outdo themselves, I will never know!). Lucas received his new moccs last week and they were packed inside FP’s new packaging which is pure genius. A Freshly Picked Garden! All I had to do was cut open the sides and voila! Lucas spent about an hour (which is A LOT in toddler time) peeling his stickers and “planting” his garden. The stickers have everything from seeds, to carrots, to flowers. Everything you need for an adorable cardboard garden. We have kept it in the living room all week and every day he has been revamping and replanting. We pretty much love you forever Freshly Picked! 


  1. Julie Garces 08.13.2014

    Love that idea. Rio is super obsessed with a ll things garden. cut rug. swoon.

    • nicole gonzalez 08.15.2014

      So is Lucas!! And thanks my love! Can’t wait to have you over!! xx


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