So the hubs and I arrived home Saturday afternoon from our parents only getaway (I promise to post pics soon!) and to be honest – we couldn’t get home fast enough. I needed to squeeze and hug and kiss my boy. I was shockingly okay for most of the trip but I found myself occasionally listening to voice notes and videos which I had to quickly shut off before the water works started. When someone asked about Lucas I’d whip out my phone and start scrolling through photos. “And here’s another one. Isn’t he cuuuutttteee?!” Oh yes. I was that mom. Fast forward to Saturday. We threw our bags down and Ivan went to collect the boy from my mom. Soon after I received text telling me just how stoked he was to see daddy. Shrieks and giggles galore. When I heard the door unlock my heart jumped and I ran to greet my boy. He was happy alright. Happy to see the dog. Cue the violins playing very sad music. Seriously dude? I might have squished him with mama love anyways.
We took a walk to grab crepes for dinner and he did such a great job! Held our hands for 10 blocks without trying to run away. 2 days away and he’s become a champ city walker! There is a street close to our apartment that is closed off from incoming traffic where people usually walk their dogs, play ball, relax, etc. On the way home from dinner we stopped in to let Lucas run and let out some toddler steam. We met a gentleman who was sitting on a bench with a set of congas and maracas. Lucas gave him the side eye and a grin – the boy loves him some music! Immediately he invited Lucas to come over and play. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll say it now – I heart NYC. Where else can your toddler have a 20 minute personal jam session in the street? Lucas was in music heaven. As we were leaving he thanked us for allowing Lucas to play with him and share. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest mama in the whole world. My little guy brings us so much joy and it is so very satisfying to watch him share his heart with others. I also made sure to thank this lovely man profusely. It is a gift as a mom to watch others  interact with my son with such patience and love. For a few minutes I got to witness pure magic.



  1. Karla Quiz 07.29.2013

    What a fun day! Such a happy boy.

  2. Ava 07.29.2013

    What a warm scene,so lovely baby!


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