On my visits to Puerto Rico as a young girl, by far my favorite family members to visit were my Tia Carmelina and my Tio Miguel. I got to play with my two older cousins from sun up to sun down and being an only child, this was extraordinary for me and free entertainment for mom! Their house had acres of land filled with the most beautiful mango trees, chickens, roosters, dogs, puppies – what more could a little girl ask for? Each morning fresh eggs were placed on a basket on the kitchen counter and every meal was made with fresh fruit, vegetables, and lots of love.

IMG_5975IMG_5976IMG_5978IMG_5987IMG_5992IMG_6025IMG_6039IMG_6041Yesterday afternoon after a glorious day at the beach, we went to my Tia and Tio’s for lunch. They still live in the same house and each time we visit all these amazing memories come flooding back to me. We had a delicious meal which consisted of lasagna, rice and fresh beans, sweet plantains, and home made tembleque for desert (ps – I’m coming back 10 pounds heavier after this trip). After our bellies were filled with goodness, we took Lucas outside to meet the chickens! He had so much fun feeding the hens and would squeal with laughter when they flocked around him. Then the best. thing. ever. happened. Something spiritual, magical, and surreal that cannot be properly described with words but rather felt with every fiber in my being. My cousin Orisel and I used to wait for these random bursts of rain that would pour of the sky. Fierce and strong drops of rain that would fall from the heavens for 15 minutes until the sun decided to shine again in all its glory. We would run outside fully clothed and let the water fall down on us until we were soaked. These moments were my absolute favorite. Something about it was so freeing and I felt it even as a little girl. So as we were feeing the chickens, the sky opened up and a rain shower started. Without missing a beat I kicked of my sandals and ran out with Lucas. It was an instinctual moment and it wasn’t until after I was inside drying Lucas’s curls that the magnitude of what had just happened hit me. I will be forever grateful to whoever up there decided to grant my son and I those few minutes of glory. There is something surreal and magical about experiencing your most treasured childhood memory with your child. It was a defining moment for me as a mother and on the days where I find struggle I will look back on this day and remind myself of the gifts of love I am passing down to my boy.

“motherhood is not a hobby. it is a calling. it is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. it is what god gave you time for.”


  1. Forever Evolving 06.17.2013

    What an amazing post! I follow you on instagram and saw you were on a trip to Puerto Rico (my 2nd home). I to grew up there during the summers and loved every minute of it. Its just so surreal how different it is for kids nowadays and I wished my daughter (who is 15 now) was able to exprience it the way I did. Now its lets go visit Grandma in el campo and she’s freaking out because there is no cell service (I am too but still… lol). This post brought chills to me and thank you so much for sharing it! The island never seizes to amaze me and calm me and remind me of what an amazing childhood I had there. :-) God Bless your little boy and your family..

    • Nicole Gonzalez 06.21.2013

      Wow – thank you so much for your encouraging and beautiful words! I agree about technology 😉 I always say that I am so thankful that Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist when I was growing up! Even with no cell service and teenage (and mama 😉 drama I think it is AMAZING that you still take your daughter to experience our beautiful Island. What lucky kiddos we have! Thanks again mama! <3

  2. Rayani Melo 09.01.2013



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