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The Spring cleaning itch hit me hard this year. And not just the sorting out clothes and organizing bug, but the “let’s brighten this house up!” kind of itch. I wanted more feminine touches and lighter, airier feel and I really think I succeeded. Sometimes all it takes is a new piece of art and few key pieces to really change things up. 

One of my very favorite pieces is our new coffee table from Article. I chose the Amoeba table because well, it’s beautiful. But not only that it’s extremely durable, round (key for crazy babies and toddlers and avoiding bumps and bruises!), and has a mid century feel that I was coveting. In another clutch move I can store baskets of toys underneath at the end of night. Wins, wins, wins. Speaking of baskets, I’m a huge fan of Pehr. They have so many different designs to match the aesthetic of practically any room and I use them all over the house for toys and books.

I added this rug from Little Rug Shop in the room a few weeks ago. I’m obsessed with the feminine pattern and the darker tones hide messes (and play-doh). Our sheepskin rug is an old Costco find that is machine washable. YES. Another major change I wanted to mention is additional seating and storage which comes in the form of our amazing Joy Bound floor pillow. Lucas loves how comfy it is (and I love how beautiful it is!) and inside is all of our winter blankets. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this has been due to lack of closet space.

Our new art is from my love, Lady Noel Designs. The Frida print and portrait of Lillie have the most beautiful peach tones and add the perfect amount of color to the room.

You can check our more details and sources over on Babiekins. Happy happy Spring cleaning, ya’ll!

Both bebes are wearing Gray Label

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