Sunday mama slept in. Oh yes she did! After the boys took a mid-morning nap (which by the way is just about the sweetest thing ever) and I had some coffee, we got the show on the road and headed down to Riverside. There was a little fair going on with treats and rides for the kiddos. To be honest I was expecting more of an old fashioned carnival but Lucas had a great time nonetheless. His favorite ride was the little car which was about 15 seconds of fun. If you happened to be there, we were the parents with a screaming kid trying to cut the line for more turns. This boy has a full blown obsession with cars! The swings were also pretty fun and that view – sigh – sometimes New York, you take my breath away. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Rosa 09.11.2013

    Crazy that we were also at the county fair on Sunday! :) We were probably there at different times because I’m sure I would have spotted your cutie Lucas (especially if he screaming, lol). I also expected it to be more like other county fairs I’ve been to – complete with ferris wheel, petting zoo, greasy carnival food, and better kiddie rides!!

    • nicole gonzalez 09.11.2013

      Small world!!! I was also looking forward to the carrousel and Ivan wanted funnel cake!! What time were you there??

  2. Rosa 09.12.2013

    Girl, it truly is a small world. We got there around 2:30 and left just after the third act of the aerialist show, so probably around close to 5:30. The only thing that kept us out there was the beautiful weather and my son insisted on chasing after the other little kids! Ha! How cool would it have been to bump into you. :)


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