Dear Fall,
Every morning as we wake, Lucas and I are greeted with your crisp chill sneaking through the cracked windows. The floors are starting to get chilly so Lucas puts on socks and I slip on my fuzzy slippers and we start our day with warm milk and coffee (the coffee is just for me of course ;). Then we get ready to head outside and embrace you. The 60 and below temps call for layers. Lots and lots of cozy layers. Of course we know later in the day you will no doubt warm up a bit and our light knits and sweaters are perfect for peeling off. Lucas and I walk hand in hand, heads up, and the aroma of burning wood fills our noses and souls. I am thankful for you Fall. My most favorite of all the seasons. You pretty much have this season thing down pact. Yep. You show off with your beautiful golden leaves scattered along the streets. You spoil us with apple cider and pumpkin spice everything. You provide the perfect temperatures for playing outside all day and the best nature adventures (acorns, colors, leaves..) Lucas and I love you and we’d love it if you’d stay awhile. 
– Your biggest fans

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