This week Karla and I are super pumped to introduce you to Hola Dear Deer, created by two fabulous sisters from Houston, Texas. Erika and Jessica are a crazy talented duo (and apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They credit their knack for sewing from their papa who was a tailor.) Their shop is full of hand made goodies all created using up-cycled and vintage materials. Can we say LOVE! Lucas received their super hero cape and mama got a bowtie necklace. So let’s discuss the cape. Lucas is head over heels and flat out refuses to take it off. It is seriously just about the cutest thing ever watching him roam the streets of New York sporting his super hero accessory! Toddlers to the rescue, ya’ll 😉 My necklace? What’s more fab than a bow tie! It’s the perfect funky accent to pair with a white tee and a pair of skinny jeans (mom uniform anyone?).holadear3holadearholadear1

Here’s what Jessica had to say.

Any advice you would like to share to someone dreaming of starting a business or following their passion?

My advice would be to never give up. I know it is very cliche but it is very true. I would also suggest making a plan and trying your hardest to stick with it. As a full time bilingual teacher, my schedule is really tight. Good realistic planning and scheduling equals more productivity in my case. 

What part of being hispanic do you love the most?

Oh goodness..I love our culture. The food, family, and the fun :)

What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

I enjoy lots of things on my free time. Depending on my mood I guess, on a great sunny day I love to ride around on my bicycle. On those gloomy days, staying in and watching a movie or reading a book..I’m also very fond of happy hour. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I would have to say my parents are my biggest inspiration. They are such hard workers but at the same time keep such a great spirit. Also, we have a lot of family members who are very artistic or crafty with their hands. My dad is a tailor and my grandmother and aunt crochet blankets and little booties for the family. So I love the idea that we are continuing to keep the arts so to speak in the family. 

The biggest thanks to these amazing ladies. Erika and Jess – you both rock! You can get more Hola Dear in your life by liking them on Facebook and following on Instagram


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