This week on Besos de Mami, Karla and I wanted to share one of the many sweet traditions we have created with our babies. Lucas is a big cuddler. Always has been (I know. I’m a lucky mami ;). Part of our cuddling and snuggles involves singing lullabies. Our favorite is Que Linda Manita. The lyrics are:

Qué linda manita que tengo yo
Qué linda y blanquita que Dios me dio
Qué  lindos ojitos que tengo yo
Qué  lindos y negritos que Dios me dio
Qué linda boquita que tengo yo
Qué linda y rojita que Dios me dio
Qué lindas patitas que tengo yo
Qué lindas y gorditas que Dios me dio
What a pretty little hand I have
So pretty and fair that God gave to me
What pretty eyes I have
Pretty and dark that God gave to me
What a pretty mouth I have
Pretty and red that God gave to me
What pretty legs I have
Pretty and chunky that God gave to me
I remember bringing Lucas home from the hospital and humming this to soothe him. His crying would fade into a tiny whimper until there was silence and his cherub face would be nuzzled into my chest. I’d kiss the top of his head and listen to his sweet snores. Bliss. I still sing this very lullaby to Lucas and I hope he will sing it to his own children someday (que the waterworks) and continue the tradition. As he gets older I hope hearing the lyrics will evoke memories of his mama rocking him. Memories of kisses, endless snuggles, and love. So much love.


  1. Karim Jones 07.20.2013

    One of my fondest memories of when I was little was my mom singing songs in Spanish to me every night. One song, “El Patito,” is one we sing to my little guy now because his nickname is Pato :)

    • Nicole Gonzalez 07.22.2013

      That is beautiful! Isn’t it amazing to pass down these traditions? Thank you for sharing with me!

  2. analaila 07.22.2013

    aahh this is so beautiful, it made my eyes teary (seriously).
    i can totally relate besos de mami son lo mejor.
    anytime my hubby gives me a kiss, my baby boy rushes and shouts
    “es mi mami”.

    • Nicole Gonzalez 07.23.2013

      That is the sweetest and most incredible feeling!!! You will always be his 😉 Mamas boy!!! <3

  3. Lizette 07.23.2013

    my mother told me that her mother used to sing this song to her! now i hear it on pandora’s “lullaby” station and sing it to my son.

    lizette ~

    • Nicole Gonzalez 07.23.2013

      That’s incredible! Such an amazing tradition. I think this lullaby is so sweet and full of innocence!

  4. Melissa Lebron 12.13.2016

    Awww that’s amazingly beautiful. We sing it different! Que Linda manita,que tiene el Bebe .que Linda que Bella que preciosa es

    • 12.23.2016

      Thank you so much!! Gracias!!! <3


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