Wednesday night we left the hustle and bustle of NYC to spend the fourth in a different kind of chaos: the Hamptons! This is Lucas’s 2nd time in the hammies and he loves it. Why shouldn’t he? Sun, sand, amazing food, awesome company, and a big ol’ house to run around in and let loose. I used to come to the Hamptons every summer as a silly 20-something and it’s pretty surreal coming back with my baby boy. It’s a totally different experience with Lucas (sayonara night clubs!) but he sure knows how to show his mama a good time. We drove up in the evening, collapsed, and woke up Thursday refreshed (sort of. I was golden after 2 cups of coffee. 2 years later and I don’t think I will ever be a morning person) and ready for some fourth of July action.


By the time we left Thursday evening our bellies were full, our skin was sun-kissed, and we were officially exhausted. We had to leave by 9pm to make it back to the car rental on time and to be honest I was a little sad about missing the fireworks. What’s fourth of July with no fireworks?! Oh but NYC you never disappoint. On the drive home we saw various shows and sparklers going off from the highway. Gotta love this town. My Independence day was complete. I hope you all had a fabulous day celebrating with your loved ones and remembering what the fourth is truly all about. I went to bed with a full heart and thankful for our freedom and my babies (big and small). Side note: the burbs look good on my boys, don’t ya think? Have a great weekend everyone!


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