Oh hello May! We have been anxiously waiting for you! 
On the first day of this highly anticipated month, Lucas and I ventured off to Central Park for a play date with some of our favorite ladies. I know this is a tad late but our 1st day of May was so perfect I had to share. The weather was lovely – a crisp 70 degrees – and the air smelled like tulips (thanks Park Ave!) and hot dogs. NYC perfection.

Latonya and Lindsey have two of the cutest little gals and Lucas is smitten with them! He’s at such a fun age and I love watching him interact and explore with other children. We spent the morning laying out in the grass and watching our kiddos run around and dig for hidden treasures in the dirt.
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Lucas passed out cold on the walk home. He was covered head to toe in filth – literally from his mullet to his teensy fingernails. All signs of a good day with the little mister. May – we are so happy to be reunited!
shirt from baby gap (thrifted) | tank from little vida | jeans from zara kids | moccasins c/o freshly picked

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