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Lucas came back from a week long trip to Florida. I was absolutely, 100% ready for him to be home. I can’t even really tell you what I did with a week away from the kid. I had these grand plans of finally going to the dentist and updating my hard drive..very important stuff here. Neither the dentist or dreams of an updated hard drive happened. I did catch up on a lot of work and have an incredible amount of qt time with the mister. However by the end of the week alone time together meant watching videos of Lucas on repeat. We were missing our boy to say the least.
Fast forward to Friday when I caught the vicious stomach bug nightmare that’s been making the rounds. I was out of commission for all of Friday and most of Saturday. The evening approached and I was feeling good enough to go to our secret Santa in brooklyn. Hip hip for this monster only lasting 24 hours! Little did I know I passed the bug on to the littlest mister. We woke up this morning covered in toddler puke and our entire day has been spent trying to nurse our baby back to health. Did I mention I left Christmas shopping to the last minute? Yep. Tomorrow was supposed to be the big shopping extravaganza but it looks like we won’t be making it out. So here it goes. 2 days before the big day and I have no gifts. I’m slightly freaking out. Ok I’m really freaking out. I’m hoping for another 24 hour win. Is that to much to ask? A Christmas miracle perhaps? As I type this the kid has regained some energy and has requested his Legos. Good sign, right? Fingers crossed! So please for the love of pedialyte and all that is good, let my baby wake up healthy and bouncing off the walls tomorrow. Keep you all posted and happy shopping to all my procrastinators 😉 Night y’all!
                   mama: jacket from zara (old) | overalls from forever 21 | hat (thrifted) | shoes from zara (old) 
                     lucas león: jacket from zara (old) | sweater c/o little vida | pants c/o little vida | moccs c/o freshly picked 

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