timecapsulellvThe Time Capsule. Basically one of the most genius ideas I’ve come across in a long time. The baby market is flooded with gift ideas and it can become both redundant and overwhelming. I promise I have found the perfect solution to your gifting needs. The Time Capsule was dreamed up after Andy Warhol’s famous cardboard box. He was known for putting in tidbits of his every day life in a brown box and once it was filled, he would seal it, date it, and start all over with a new box. Over the course of his life, he created over 600 capsules, all filled with the contents of his life. ThusTime Capsules was born. I can’t think of a cooler way to create your own capsule of memories for your children.
The packaging is stunning. Clean, sleek, and timeless. Enclosed comes everything you need to create your time capsule – a book to write notes/diary entries/quotes, gorgeous paper, tags for the items you’d like to include, and an extra strong sealing strip to close up your capsule once your finished. For Lucas’s time capsule I am including the following:
first pair of chucks
mama and baby hospital bracelets
the very first articles of clothing he ever wore at the hospital
a memento from his baby shower
1st birthday candle 
ticket from his first trip to the Central Park Zoo
newborn diaper (clean, of course!)
newspapers from the day he was born
I am still working on his capsule. I am filling out his notebook and printing photos to include. I can’t wait to share the finished time capsule before I seal it up. This will be an epic 18th birthday gift for Lucas, don’t you think? For a while, you could only purchase all this awesomeness in Europe but it is now available in the US! You can purchase yours via the adorable shop Perfectly Smitten.


  1. maria 10.24.2013

    Pure genius. I love this idea. If only I saved newspapers from the day my little one was born!! #ForTheNextOneIWill Looking forward to seeing what Lucas’ finished capsule includes. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • nicole gonzalez 10.24.2013

      Isn’t this awesome?! And the newspapers were grandmas doing!!! 😉 I can’t wait to share the completed capsule!!

  2. ss 10.27.2013

    This is the sweetest thing! I love what you kept for him, especially the newspapers. xo


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