My sweet friend Karim (who is a real life doll, people!) recently wrote a less/more list on her blog and I thought it was pretty freaking awesome and so fitting for the start of a new month. So without further adieu, I present my list:
Less talking about my problems. More talking about the good. 
Less coke. More water. 
Less time worrying about cleaning. More time outside. 
Less self-critquing. More self-acceptance. 
Less complaining. More doing. 
Less over analyzing. More taking action. 
Less fear. More believing in my dreams. 
Less media. More books.
Less “I’m too tired”. More time with the mister. 
Less hurrying. More enjoying the moment. (Totally stole this one from Karim.) 

I hope I can actually take my own advice and follow my “more” goals. What’s your less/more list? I’d love for you to share yours or link up!


  1. J 05.06.2014

    This is so sweet! I have no idea how to link up but I’d love to! Tell me how & I shall! <3

    • nicole gonzalez 05.07.2014

      Thank you! I was surprised at how many less things I could think of. Looks like I have quite a few goals ahead of me 😉 You can just share on your blog and link back to me or Karim! xx

  2. Jordan Rose 05.06.2014

    This is really a good idea, might have to join you…I love the “I’m too tired” excuse, the story of my life.

    • nicole gonzalez 05.07.2014

      Oh tell me about it! Cheers to an awesome May with a lot more doing 😉 xo


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