This week we received Lucas’s new Rock & Pebble pear house from Murray & Finn. Point blank – it’s awesome. It’s beautifully crafted and is a blank canvas for your child’s imagination. I especially love the adorable pebble people. Lucas squealed when we put it together and wouldn’t ya know. The first thing he did was run to his room to grab his Donatello. He placed him in the house and proclaimed “my home!”. Yep. A house sure as heck is not a home without a little turtle action. I quite think Donatello makes an excellent addition. Maybe Rock & Pebble will come out with Ninja Turtle themed pebble figurines? Just saying. Christmas 2014 anyone? And ps – Murray & Finn is one of the cutest, wonderfully curated children’s shops I’ve come across. Not only is it basically perfect, the mamas behind the shop are the absolute sweetest! I was featured on their blog in their new ‘Mamas & Little Ones’ series. Thanks so much for having us ladies! 
blanket c/o little woolf | pear house c/o murray & finn | tee c/o moozega

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