On Thursday my sweet boy turned two years old. For weeks I have been an emotional wreck but as Ivan and I sat on the couch Wednesday evening blowing up balloons, it finally hit me. Two is going to be good.
When Lucas woke up he shouted from his crib, per usual..”mama! dada!”. Ivan and I jumped out of bed and rushed to our big boy, armed with smiles and the camera. We sang an off key version of happy birthday and watched him play with his balloons. Once he had enough and asked for his milk, daddy left for work and we got ready for the day. I have been wanting to take Lucas to the Children’s museum of Manhattan for some time and so I thought turning two was the perfect occasion. He had a blast exploring however spent a majority of his time in the big fire truck, passing out fireman hats to all the kids. Some things never change! We had pizza for lunch and headed home for a nap. That evening a few friends and family came over for wine and cupcakes. It really was the perfect day for my big boy.
It’s only been a few days since the big two but I swear I can already see a transformation in Lucas. He’s talking more and his behavior just seems more indicative of a boy, not a baby. My favorites have to be when I say something to him and he responds “oh, okay” as well as “tank ooo so much mama”. I mean, melt my heart why don’t ya! Turning two makes for a well mannered boy? I’ll take it. I’m already loving everything about this age and don’t ask me how it’s possible, but my heart is filled with a never ending love that seems to grow every day.
Lucas Leon, you are loved. So loved. Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful boy! 



  1. Alla 11.25.2013

    I was totally having a panic attack when my boy turned 2! (and now he is almost 3…time to freak out again), it’s so difficult to have to let go of some special cuteness of that age but good thing there is much more cuteness to come from them at 3 and 4 etc! Found you via ‘adventurefiles”… Hi from an ex-newyorker now in Holland!

    • nicole gonzalez 11.27.2013

      Hi and welcome!!! Thank you for your message – I am looking forward to seeing him blossom!! And!!! Maybe we can house swap one day 😉 xoxo

  2. Jennifer Aniston 01.22.2014

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