I know it’s been done before and I couldn’t quite think of a cute/original title for this new series because well, this is what Lucas says. So onward. Lucas is talking so much these days and every day he comes up with something new and hilarious (can you tell I’m his biggest fan?). Here are a few gems from the past few weeks:

After stuffing all his ninja turtles down his shirt, he comes to the living room to show Ivan and I his turtle belly!.

Turtle power! Anyone else noticing a recurring ninja turtle pattern? I live for this kid and his turtle obsession. We can thank daddy for this one.

The ball is goneeee! A four word sentence, ya’ll!

No way, man. This phrase isn’t new but it’s still going strong.

After he falls or takes a spill he gets right up and shouts I’m ok! or I good!

He sings an awesome cover of “Elmo’s Song” and replaces Elmo with mommy or daddy, depending on his mood. My favorite is “Mommy’s song”.

He is an absolute mamas boy and any time he is “injured” (I use this word loosely) he comes to me, points to said ailing ligament, and says Mama I hurt. And then he receives 10 mama kisses which makes everything better.

Lucas woke up this weekend and found an empty bag of sour candy on the couch that Ivan and I had polished off once he went to bed. He brought the bag into our bed and shouted Daddyyyyy ate allll maaaaa candy!. At least he didn’t blame mama 😉

And the ultimate mystery – old man poo! He shouts this daily and neither Ivan or I can figure who or what he is referring to.

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    I NEED this photo!!


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