Yet another reason why I love Instagram so dang much (like I need another reason ;). I recently discovered Milk + Bots – a new shop for the kiddos that launches TODAY! I have been following along as Soo Kim (shop owner and fellow mama to son Warren) has been posting sneak peeks into the shop, each one better than the last. Milk + Bots is now open for business and you can shop till you drop! 
Not only is Soo’s shop perfectly curated, she’s an inspiration. I admire a mama who goes after her dreams and sees it through to fruition. I had the chance to speak with Soo and here’s what she had to say:

What inspired you to start Milk + Bots?
What inspired me to start is wanting to do something I truly love and look forward to everyday. I’m a bit obsessed with kids fashion and always hunting for products that embrace creativity. There are so many amazing kids labels that aren’t available everywhere and I get asked all the time where I shop for my son. One thing led to another and I decided to go for it! Warren is a big part of my inspiration – of course. 

What were you doing before Milk + Bots?
I was in grad school and in classrooms to become a teacher but I got pregnant and became a stay at home mom. When my son becomes older I still plan on becoming a teacher because I just love the innocence and the world of kids. Growing up is so overrated! 

What do you look for when scouting items for your shop?
What I look for when thoughtfully curating collections for my shop is individuality and creativity. I have a passion for quality and design and I love designers that embrace that also. I like to carry new and emerging brands and especially unisex clothing. 

Congratulations Soo! Milk + Bots is here and it’s pretty freaking awesome! You can also read more on Babiekins

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