I just adore these shots that Ivan took of Lucas and I. It was early morning and Dora was playing. Lucas had just finished his bottle and we were having our usual snuggle session. Lucas has become so very generous with kisses and puckers his lips justttt so. I don’t know what is it but I’ve become increasingly emotional the closer we get to his 3rd birthday. The other day somebody asked how old Lucas was and I replied two years. Then it hit me. We only have four months left until my boy turns 3. I swear I feel like we just planned his 2nd birthday party. This year has flew by at lightening speed. I wish I could bottle up his sweet snuggles, those giggles, and the kisses. Oh the kisses. I’m going to spend the next few months relishing in the fact that my boy is not quite three and soaking up all the goodness and hilarity that two has to offer. And then we move on to the three’s. Which I know are going to bring new adventures and milestones. But until sweet two year old baby he’ll be. 

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