So here we are. Two weeks into Nursery school and I couldn’t be more proud of my boy. There have a been a few emotional mornings (on both our ends) but my fellow mama amigas assure me this is par for the course. Just yesterday as we walked into school, he let go of my hand and ran into his classroom yelling “Mama, I go play!”. Everyday when I pick him up I’m greeted with the biggest hug and a new work of art to hang on the fridge. I’m also starting to acquire the most amazing collection of toddler masterpieces that I’m certain will be worth big bucks some day. Something I wasn’t expecting at all? Bobo (aka pacifier) weening. Well, not this fast. Each day he hands me or his teacher his bobo and he has been spending the entire day without it. He doesn’t even ask for it before nap time. A bloody miracle. The moment we leave school he asks me for it in his most pitiful voice accompanied by puppy dog eyes and I hand it over. Baby steps I keep telling myself. As much as I wanted to get rid of the dreaded pacifier, it honestly leaves me feeling a bit weepy knowing just how quickly he is progressing. It’s ahhhmazing and all sorts of sad at the same time. Mama issues I suppose. 
Overall the kid is rocking it. Truly, he never ceases to amaze me. I love you my big boy! 

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