The weather in NYC has been..um..rather Spring like. Ok, not quite. But it has definitely been unseasonably warm the past few days. Rain, foggy, and muggy. We got to ditch our coats yesterday and instead got cozy in bright vintage sweaters and comfy, cool sweats. As much as I love this weather I am looking forward to snow this weekend (please, please weather man..don’t fail me now!). One of my best gals is flying in tomorrow from Florida with her kiddo and he has never seen snow! What a gift that would be. I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival and in the mean time I hope you all are having a fab Friday and wishing you an awesome weekend.

hat (gift from his auntie) | sweater (thrifted) | pants c/o nununubaby | boots (thrifted) 


  1. MIssNettyD 12.10.2013

    I have to say… and I hope you take this in THE most non-stalkeresque way. I ran into your Instagram the other day and have since been obsessed with your blog! Every chance I get, I read a post. I so admire your lust for life & the way you are passing it down to your son. As a born & raised Miami girl, we don’t walk much around here… I really love to read about your walks and the adventures that come with them. Kudos to you, you are doing a great job living life!

    – Jeannette
    My IG is @missnettyd

    • nicole gonzalez 12.10.2013

      Hi Jeanette! Thank you for your wonderful comment. Totally made my day :) Lucas is a true New Yorker and sure loves our daily walks! And ps – I LOVE Miami!!! I’m hoping to go with the hubby soon! Thank you again!! xoxo


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