A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with the incredible Joanna (founder of Cup of Jo) and Third Love on a collaborative shoot for their bra collection. I am a long time reader of Cup of Jo AND a long time wearer of Third Love so this shoot was pretty much a dream. In case you’re wondering this is my go-to, must have bra. I wear it every day, it’s that good.

A big thank you to the Cup of Jo team and Julia Elizabeth, the incredible photographer.


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On the first official day of 2017 we headed out to Central Park for a family day. We also got to test drive our new Bugaboo Donkey Weekender. The weather was perfect. The sun was shining and the park was full of New Yorker’s excited to welcome the new year.

I love being part of the Bugaboo family. You can see our previous collaborations here and here. Lillie has been riding in her Bugaboo since birth and I am a life long Bugaboo mama. I was beyond excited when we received the Donkey Weekender. It is a real dream come true. The stroller comes with a detachable side luggage bag which can hold up to 20 pounds and the under seat basket is incredibly roomy. We carry a ton (A TON) of stuff when we head out for the day with both kiddos – snacks, more snacks, ninja turtles, pokemon, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc. etc. – so I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is to have ample room to store all of our things. Often times we make additional stops at the grocery store/market/florist, and having everything fit into our stroller is essential especially since we walk everywhere (New Yorkers here!). 

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Ivan is not a stroller man by any means. In fact he is pretty indifferent as I’m the one who primarily uses our stroller on a daily basis. When he put the Weekender together (which was incredibly easy btw!) the first thing he said was “wow, this is a good looking stroller”. Then as we were strolling through the park he turned to me and said “this thing rides like a dream”. He also made a few comments on how beautifully the wheels turned! I can’t make this stuff up haha! This means a lot coming from a man who has no real opinion on baby gear as long as I like it and the kids are happy. Bugaboo, you are winning big time over here in the Vargas house!

If I’m being honest, I was a bit nervous about the size of the stroller and how it would fit in our little apartment. BUT. It’s only .4″ wider than the Bugaboo Cameleon and fits perfectly in our small hallway. I’m in love with the colors of the stroller (the handle bars are a cognac faux leather and they are absolutely beautifulllll). The side bag can also be used solo for travel which I think is awesome and perfect for quick overnight family trips. Another great perk is that eventually the stroller can be converted into a side-by-side duo or twin stroller. It’s a classic, gorgeous stroller that can be used for years and years to come. It’s incredibly important to me that my kids ride in a well made, durable stroller. It doesn’t hurt that all of bugaboo’s strollers are also aesthetically beautiful. We take out our stroller everyday and use it for daily errands, school picks ups, and adventures. It also needs to ride well in all weather conditions (rain or snow, NYC schools really ever close!) and get Lillie and I to school pick up. Bugaboo checks all these requirements for my family and I can’t imagine ever choosing another stroller.

You can check out the Weekender here for more details and purchasing info. Happy New Year!

on me: heathered overcoat and joggers from guess | on lucas: coat from bohème goods
my hair: color and cut from my lady Betsy Duggan  



For over a decade Reed Krakoff was the man behind the creative direction for Coach. In 2013 he ventured off to design his own collection and this year he joined forces with Kohl’s to bring a limited edition collection to the masses. The line features his signature handbags (at an amazing price point: $59-$129) as well as ready to wear and small accessories.


I feel so honored to have been able to work with the amazing Kohls team and the incredibly talented Reed Krakoff to bring you a taste of this fab collection. I spent the day shooting with Melodie Jeng a few weeks back and we hit up some of my favorite NYC gems – Cafe Ost, Tompkins Square Park, and beautiful Park Avenue. It was such an awesome experience. My absolute favorite piece is that sunny yellow gem of a satchel you see in the photos. The color is everything and it’s the perfect size for every day use. Totally my #1 pick for pairing with blue jeans and a white tank.

Below is a brief Q&A I had with Reed Krakoff:

What was your inspiration behind the collection? Colors, patterns, etc.?
I drew the biggest inspiration for the REED for Kohl’s collection from some of the items from my luxury collection. I was so intrigued to reintroduce some iconic pieces to a wider audience. When designing, I always think about the most exciting, impactful and aesthetically pleasing outcome, which is when the color blocking concept went into full swing. It’s always been a part of my design philosophy to create things that are bold, exciting, and happy, and generating excitement in the affordable accessories category is one of our main goals with the REED line at Kohl’s.

What kind of woman do you see wearing your collection? What is her style?
The target customer for the REED for Kohl’s collection is really anyone who appreciates fashion, someone that might be new to designer collections, but loves style and of course value.

You can get more inspiration and style ideas over on Pinterest. Also, shop the entire collection here.


Photos by Melodie Jeng
This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. Thank you for supporting the companies I love and trust!


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Spring in NYC. Pretty much the best (after Fall of course ;). As soon as that warm breeze hits the air, I am itching to be out of the house every day. My very favorite place to go with the kids is Central Park. The Conservatory in particular is absolutely stunning with it’s fountains, gardens, and maze-like pathways which Lucas loves to run through. I got to have a play date there last week with H&M, Heymama, and one of my very best friends in the world (since we were 11 you guys!). Pretty sweet! Viviana, the babies, and I all wore H&M and just walked around the park. It was perfect. I’m obsessed with this seasons selects at H&M (that red dress is my absolute fave and it was only $20. I mean…) and they have always been my go-to for staples for the entire family.

The best part of the afternoon was watching our little girls kiss and interact and of course seeing all the beautiful blossoms popping up. There is nothing better than beautiful, pink covered trees. Trust me on this!

Heymama asked Viviana and I to take a little friendship quiz and it was so much fun. You can read our answers below:


+ What do you love most about your friend?

She’s incredibly loyal and the most amazing mother to her three girls.

+ What do you think she appreciates most about you?

Our ability to get together at any point and pick up right where we left off.

+ Her favorite thing about you is?

My honesty and our trust in each other.

+ Best memory of you and your kids together?

The day she came with her daughters to visit me the day Lucas was born. To see her children hold my baby was a surreal, perfect moment.

+ How are your parenting styles different?

I actually think we are pretty similar in that we both have similar approaches and are pretty traditional. I think she might have the disciplining thing down to a science and I’m still learning!

+ Best piece of parenting advice she’s ever given you?

Patience and how to discipline with love.

+ How would she describe herself in three words?

Funny, strong, loving

+ How does she react to her kids tantrums?

Viviana has the patience of a saint and is able to be firm yet remain incredibly calm.

+ Name her favorite tv show? Favorite guilty pleasure tv show?

Sex and the City. Any of the Housewives.

+ Funniest thing she’s ever done?

We have so many hilarious moments that we’ve shared. We’ve been friends for 20 years (crazy!) so we have been through it all together.

+ If you spend a date together with your kids, what would she want to do most?

Take the kids out to explore NYC. We’d go to the Central Park Zoo and then eat authentic Chinese food.

+ If your friend could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?


+ Most perfect day for your friend  “sans kids”?

A day at the spa then out for dinner, dancing, and drink with her girlfriends. A mama can dream!

+ What’s a guilty pleasure she wouldn’t want to admit?

Lots of wine!

+ Who is your friends style icon?

Kate Moss

+ If she could be anyone for a day who would it be?

Sofia Vergara


+ What do you love most about your friend?

Her ability to stop and take a second to capture all the beautiful moments life has to offer, because lets face it how many of us value the little details of every day life.

+ What do you think she appreciates most about you?

The fact that I am always honest with her, no matter how big or small the situation is, I will always give her an honest response.

+ Her favorite thing about you is?

Being able to text me at any time for an on the spot recipe!!

+ Best memory of you and your kids together?

The best memory of the kids together has to be when we surprised Lucas and picked him up from school one day. He was so happy to see us and the girls were so excited they were able to visit his school.

+ How are you parenting styles different?

It all sums up to city life vs the suburbs.

+ Best piece of parenting advice she’s given you?

Telling me not to give up on breastfeeding and encouraging me to keep going even when I felt i couldn’t continue.

+ How would she describe herself in three words?

Funny, Classy, Trendy

+ How does she react to her kids tantrums?

Even if she wanted to scream her head off you would never know, she is always super calm with them and some how seems to talk them into realizing they made a wrong choice.

+ Name her favorite tv show? Favorite guilty pleasure tv show?

Sex and the City. Love and Hip Hop.

+ Funniest thing she’s ever done?

We were at one of the saddest get togethers imaginable but you can always count on your bestie for a good laugh. Nicole was pumping and her milk was spilling out everywhere. She  peeked out of the bedroom desperately looking for the first female in the room to come help her. She was soaked!

+ If you spend a date together with your kids, what would she want to do most?

Have a picnic in Central Park.

+ If your friend could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?


+ Most perfect day for your friend  “sans kids”?

Sleep in, wake up to fresh iced coffee in bed, followed by a lunch date with her closest girlfriends. Return home, take a nap, wake up and get ready for a low key dinner date with the hubs.

+ What’s a guilty pleasure that she wouldn’t want to admit?

One word: chocolate! Hahaha!

+ If your friend could have one wish what would it be?

To one day own a brownstone on the upper east side.

+ Who is your friend’s style icon?

Audrey Hepburn

+ If she could be anyone for a day who would it be?

Kourtney Kardashian!

Shop our looks:

Me: Dress (similar here)| Choker
Lillie: Dress
Viviana: Top | Skirt
Sofia: Blouse


IMG_0148 copy

Last weekend the fan and I had the best staycation. We crossed the water and spent the weekend in Hoboken. It was just what we needed – truly! We stayed with Mary and her beautiful clan at the W Hoboken. The hotel is stunning, the rooms are gorgeous, and the facilities are extremely child friendly. Don’t get me started on the views. AMAZING. We had the best time exploring Hoboken with our Bugaboo strollers. I can’t believe it was the first time we had ever been. It actually reminded me a little of Brooklyn. Quaint and full of amazing shops and family friendly restaurants.

IMG_0164 copy IMG_0251 copy IMG_0266 copy IMG_0701 copy IMG_0869 copy IMG_0492 copy IMG_0501 copy IMG_0677 copy IMG_0755 copy IMG_0879 copy IMG_0615 copy IMG_0504 copy IMG_0600 copy

During our stay Mary and I had the amazing opportunity to try out some amazing threads from Anje. That coat? Everything! Basically we had the perfect weekend. Take me back, please!

Images taken by Mary Grace


IMG_5311 IMG_5355 IMG_5425 IMG_5426 IMG_5446 IMG_5333 IMG_5382 IMG_5394 IMG_5481

The best part of being part of the Bugaboo Diesel campaign? Being able to adventure in my own backyard with my little loves and one of my favorite mamas ever – Mary Grace. Last week we headed out with the kids for some much needed mama/girl time and coffee. Mary captured my babes and I strolling around with our denim Buffalo..pretty much the sweetest stroller. Lillie is a certified princess in her ride and knocks out almost instantly in her bassinet (thank you Bugaboo!). Lucas loves his comfort board and it makes my life SO much easier when traveling around the city with both kids.

I can’t wait to share more snaps of our Bugaboo adventures..make sure to continue following along on Instagram. You can find tons of amazing family and stroller shots using the hashtag #BugabooDiesel.

overcoat c/o everlane 


IMG_3787 IMG_3815 IMG_3819 IMG_3798 IMG_3828 IMG_3755 IMG_3770 IMG_3807 IMG_3785 IMG_3763

When Bugaboo asked me if I would like to be a part of their Diesel Collection campaign I jumped at the chance. This iconic company has long been a favorite of mine and their collaborations are truly one of a kind and just so special. Their Diesel Collection in particular is strong, powerful, and beautiful..just perfect for this NYC mama. With a gorgeous muted color story, each stroller is not just extremely function but they are truly eye candy! Over the next few months I will be working on photographing and showcasing the entire collection (on the blog as well as Instagram). My dear Mary Grace will be joining me by pushing her gorgeous Olive in the Military Chameleon. We will be strolling all over Manhattan with our Bugaboos so if you see us with our babes make sure you say hi!

You can follow along via Instagram by checking out the #BugabooDiesel hashtag.


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We have always been big hand washers/let’s keep the germs at bay kind of people. However toddlers are messy little people that just seem to attract dirt wherever they go. Lucas also just started pre-k so now he’s in an environment full of germs and boogies. I knew that before baby Lillie arrived we would have to make a bigger effort to instill the importance of hand washing and have it become a routine for Lucas.

When we walk into our apartment the conversation goes something like this: “Shoes off and straight to the bathroom! Time to wash our hands.” Lucas has a little stool that he moves around the house as needed and it’s perfect for standing on for sink time tasks such as brushing teeth and washing hands. He knows how to use the soap pump, scrub up, and rinse. I stand by for supervision but he feels like a big boy when he does it all by himself. To get Lucas into his hand washing routine we spoke to him at length how babies can get sick from germs and how important it was for him as a big brother to help protect his little sister.

Dial Global Handwashing Day

A home with two healthy kiddos? That’s a win in my book. I recently got the chance to team up with Dial to help spread the word on hand washing and I was honestly shocked to learn just how important it truly is. Did you know that by hand washing with soap you cut your child’s chance of a respiratory infection in half? I’d love if you could join in spreading the word on the importance of hand washing! You can sign up for Dial Rewards here and use the code “Wash 9”. Dial is donating $1 for every code used up to $50,000 to support global hand washing education. You can also share on social via Facebook and Twitter.


IMG_6837 IMG_6850 IMG_6863 IMG_6734 IMG_6719 IMG_6856 IMG_6873 IMG_6665 IMG_6757 IMG_6786 IMG_6872 IMG_6928 IMG_7063

I was going through all the photos from this shoot, choosing a few to print, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed and just so thankful that I have these images to look back on. The shots of Lucas and I are some of my absolute favorite. Thank you again to my ladies at Hey Mama, HATCH, and my beauty and friend Mary!

You can see the original post and final images here.