IMG_9636 We just arrived back home to NYC from our family holiday to The Dominican Republic and this pregnant mama is achy, exhausted, and deliriously happy. My heart is content and I have a tan to boot. I mean, what could be better than that?

Ivan’s father retired to the DR about two years ago after working for over 40 years in New York. This trip was a special one because he was turning 70 and we wanted to share in the festivities. Not only that but Ivan’s birthday falls on the exact same day with his brother’s happening only days before. It was a Vargas birthday extravaganza if you will.

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It’s Monday and I’m still smiling – thinking of our lovely Easter day spent with family. We had a very low key morning. Bacon, egg, and cheeses  with iced coffee for breakfast and cartoons. My mom came over and while Ivan and Lucas played we quickly hid eggs and treats around the apartment. Lucas was thrilled and I caught some amazing and hysterical video footage (I’ll be sharing egg photos tomorrow ;). After the hunt the boys took a nap, I tidied up, and got things ready for our adventure to Brooklyn. We had a late lunch/dinner of sancocho with family and finished off the evening with strawberry shortcake. Perfection.

I went to bed with a full heart, a happy soul, and thanking God for all our blessings. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


We’re in Florida! Again! Can you tell we really love it here? We arrived Tuesday morning and were greeted by a house decked out in Christmas decor. My aunties know how to do the holidays right! Lucas is loving every bow, wreath, and blinking light. It has been such a pleasure relaxing on the back deck with just a light sweater and taking in all the sunshine. Sorry NYC. We all needed a break from the cold. Oh. Those wreath photos above? I woke up with this idea that I just knew would be perfect. Lucas poking his head out of a giant wreath? Adorable! Wrong. Total fail (especially the part where he flung the wreath across the grass..) but either way the photos still make me smile. We still have another week in the sunshine. Another week of thrifting, relaxing, more relaxing, and family time. The best. Happy Holidays from Clearwater! 


I’m thankful for soft, squishy cheeks (see above), kisses, and love. So much love. My family, my boys who bring me infinite joy, and our health. From our family to yours, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving with loved ones.


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Oh ya know. Just a typical laid back afternoon with the boys. Cheetos (eep!), video games, and lots and lots of cuddles. I just love these two. Mine all mine. And that top knot? Swoon. My mother may or may not be trying to persuade me into taking the boy for a haircut but I am just loving this length. The back of his hair is starting to curl up again (we lost all his baby curls after his first cut a year ago. A YEAR!) and it’s giving me all the long hair don’t care feelings.

ananas tee c/o of hugo loves tiki 


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October. Apple picking month! We headed off to Warwick, NY to visit Ochs Orchard – about a two hour drive outside of the city – and it was wonderful. Lucas had a blast exploring and eating apples that were pretty much the most delicious of all the apples in New York (really!). He loved running up and down the orchard and helping us select the best ones to take home. Needless to say he slept like a dream that night and we have been finding all the creative ways to chow down on our seemingly endless supply of apples at home.                                                  On Lucas: hoodie c/o little boogaweezin | beanie c/o kira kids


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Last Sunday was perfect. I woke up one day last week and decided I wanted to go row boating in Central Park. 29 years in this city and I had never been. I told Ivan that it was a “I need to cross this off my bucket list before I’m 30” kinda thing and he happily obliged. We woke up, walked to The Boat House, and got it done. It was magical and hilarious. Magical in only the way New York City can be. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks, this gorgeous city. Hilarious because rowing those boats are not easy and well, Ivan got a pretty decent work out with those oars. Those biceps are making me all sorts of school girl giddy 😉 Well worth it my love! Lucas had a blast until he didn’t. He lasted a solid 45 minutes on the boat before declaring “time to go home”. Well then.My boys sure know how to make this mama happy. Boating with the boys – the best.


Even when our mornings consist of lots of lazy hangs we can usually muster up the energy to make our way out in the afternoon. Oh Saturday. You are the perfect balance and the perfect day for us as a family. We got our act together and cruised to the park. I can’t get enough of the perfect weather. Just the right amount of chill to make you feel all the cozy feelings. Ya know? I also wanted to talk a bit about Lucas’s perfect little beanie. Hand made by one of the sweetest mamas (hands down on this one) I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Jen is a mom and founder of Prjona Plym. She hand knits her beanies with so much love and Lucas’s “I Will Shine” hat is a favorite of mine. It’s a gift I will treasure. You can shop more of her hats here. “Free Sprit” is another fave. I good!                                                 hot dog raglan c/o kira kids | trousers c/o no sweet kids | boots c/o bogs