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I haven’t been to Coney Island in yearssss. Our niece is visiting from Canada and exploring Coney was on her NYC bucket list so off we went on the N train with our bags packed with sunscreen, shovels, and snacks. First thing. THE CROWDS. Wow! I can’t remember the last time we were around so many people. Second thing. The colors. The people. Talk about intense yet awesome stimulation. We parked ourselves by  the kiddie sand park and spent about 2 hours on the beach before heading to the boardwalk. Lucas had a blast – especially when he joined in what seemed to be a day time trance/techno party going on by Luna Park. We finished off the day at the Smorgasbord with amazing french fries and mofongo (smashed plantain). We probably won’t be back this summer..with less than 4 weeks to go until baby makes her appearance it just does’t seem doable..but we will definitely be back during the fall and next summer with two little ones in tow.

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