It’s 1 am and I’m officially 29. Twenty eight you did me well. I was challenged in my work life, survived living in a studio with two boys and a dog, started this here little blog, watched my son become a toddler, met amazing new friends, and loved. Oh love. You were there with me in abundance. To my fiancé: thank you for challenging me, accepting me, and loving the crazy woman that I can sometimes (ok..always) be. To my son: you are my superstar. You have shown me a love I didn’t even know existed. I am proud and honored to be your mama. To my friends: my rocks. My anchors. You love me. You love Lucas. And for me, that is everything.
This year, more than ever, I am finally growing up. Becoming a woman I am proud of. I am a role model to my son, keeper of my friends secrets, and a darn good wife. Not without faults of course, but nevertheless I accept these discrepancies like a badge of honor, because a flawed woman is still beautiful. She accepts her weaknesses and strives to be better. For herself and for her family. And that my friends takes courage. Hi 29 – and welcome.


  1. the communal closet 10.16.2013

    Beautifully written! Welcome to 29!

    • nicole gonzalez 10.21.2013

      It’s been an exciting journey! 29 is looking good 😉 Thank you!

  2. the communal closet 10.16.2013

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