Everything is happening so fast now. Prepping and getting ready for baby girl to arrive. I remember Ivan and I washing Lucas’s first load of laundry and how emotional and giddy we both were. Cooing over how teeny tiny all the clothes were and carefully folding them into his new dresser.

This week it was our little girls turn. I clipped tags and loaded up the laundry bag and Ivan got elevator duty, lugging everything up and down. I set up the racks and soon we were both hanging everything to dry. Pastels and whites, florals and sweet hearts hung from the bars. It just made everything feel so real!

I had the opportunity to work with The Laundress and try out their baby detergent and fabric conditioner. I’ve tried a few different detergents with Lucas’s clothes and we are lucky in that he has never experienced a skin reaction. At this point we use our regular detergent for his clothes but for the first two years we made sure to use detergents made especially for babies. In all honesty, I’ve never smelled a detergent as good as The Laundress. Our living room was instantly  transformed into a calming little haven. Her clothes gave off the faintest, most delicate baby smell (it’s a mix of vanilla, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and lavender) and once they were dry I nuzzled into each item while folding. Both the conditioner and detergent are allergen free and perfect for all your baby related items – bedding, stuffed animals, and clothes of course.

Hey baby girl, we are almost ready for you!

baby bird tee c/o the bee and the fox  

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