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After a full week at home we had my dear friend Belle come over to shoot us in all our newborn glory. When Belle first sent me the final images, the first thing I noticed (after my darling children of course 😉 was that in most of the photos it looked like I hadn’t combed my hair. I’m pretty sure I had put a brush through my mop. Did I actually forget or was my vision so blurry from sleep deprivation that I thought I had thoroughly smoothed down my bed head? Then I laughed. I laughed at my silliness and then all I saw was beauty. Beauty and real life. We were only a week in with our Lillie Sol and still adjusting to life at home as a family of four (no sleep..schedules were all off..taking care of Lucas’s needs..finding time to shower and brush our teeth..) and yea, my hair looks a little, um, fluffy. It’s now four weeks later and it’s not any better plus the bags under my eyes are 10 times darker (and I think I found a few gray hairs!) BUT my heart is full, my family is happy and healthy, and really what more could I ask for. These beautiful images will forever be a reminder of a short, sweet, sleep deprived, glorious moment in time with my little family.

Nicole-Family-Pics-9 copyNicole-Family-Pics-30 copyNicole-Family-Pics-27 copy

Nicole-Family-Pics-47 copyNicole-Family-Pics-42 copyNicole-Family-Pics-59 copyNicole-Family-Pics-50 copyNicole-Family-Pics-70 copyNicole-Family-Pics-73 copy

Yet again Belle has captured my family in a way I will be forever thankful for. These photos are keepsakes and I can already picture sitting down with both Lucas and Lillie in a few years to show them their first week together as brother and sister.

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