When Lucas was a baby, I became obsessed with reading blogs. I’d immerse myself in the photos, words, essays, and it made me feel connected to these mothers in a way that let me know we were all in this together. I remember finding The Glow and becoming completely enamored with the featured mothers and how beautifully the site portrayed motherhood. The interviews were raw, honest, and magical. So when Violet Gaynor, co-founder and mama to the beautiful Plum, asked me if I’d like to collaborate with them and NYDJ, my heart did a little dance. I don’t really know how else to describe how I felt except honored. So very honored.

Lillie’s pants: Velveteen | My top: Laura Egloffthe-glow-nicole-gonzalez-8the-glow-nicole-gonzalez-10
Lillie’s tutu: Plum the-glow-nicole-gonzalez-3the-glow-nicole-gonzalez-22
Mobile: Baby Jivesthe-glow-nicole-gonzalez-15

You can see all the photos and read my interview here. I am so incredibly thankful for these images of my babies and to have been given the chance to talk about motherhood so candidly and straight from my heart.

Photography by Kelly Stuart, Co-Founder of The Glow
All denim by NYDJ 

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  1. Gisele rentas-delgado 05.23.2017

    hi nicole,

    beautiful spread, i started following your blog when i was pregnant with my second baby and have thoroughly enjoyed your shares, it takes a village. i have three girls now and my husband and i do not have much support in the tia’s and tio’s and abuelo department for time alone or just to do things that are simply easier to do without the kids in tow. you mention that you utilize a sitter one to two times a week. as someone who finds it very difficult to leave my kids, even with family, can you tell me who you use, how you researched them, and if you have nanny cams, etc…..i am puerto rican and you know we have a serious history of guilt and fear of people that is cultural and whether i like it or not has passed down to me. i would very much like to not pass down that degree of paranoia to my own children and free myself of the feeling that i am the only person my children are safe with. i thought that after having emma, it would get easier and i would be less rigid and afraid, unfortunately that is not so. so whatever advice you or your community might have on the matter i would be open to hearing it all. thanks, and again your family and you are lovely, stay well.


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