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Dear my Lucas León,

You are almost a big brother! Until then I have been trying to savor every moment with you. Just you. It’s hard to find beauty in the every day when my patience is running thin, my belly is growing at a rapid pace, and I can barely get off the couch without losing my balance. Somehow you still manage to make me smile each and every day. You my little love are truly the light of my life. You say the funniest things and are the wittiest person I know. I love the way you run with such gumption, your exuberance for life and how happy you are just to hang out with me.

You still come running out of the bathroom after each bath, sopping wet and your towel falling off, giggling and shouting “naked baby hugs!” to either your dad or I. It’s kind of the best. You had your first real yoga class last week and you gave it a solid 15 minutes before you decided running around with your friends would be more fun. I gave you an A for effort and I was seriously impressed you lasted more than 10 minutes to be honest.

I love your kisses and your hugs. The way you say I love you right at the best moments as if you can sense I need a pick me up. I love the way you turn to me and say “you know who I miss? Nana.” You have such an incredible bond with your grandmother and it’s a relationship I hope you always cherish. I love that your favorite room in the house is yours and how you take pride in all your possessions – no matter how tiny or insignificant they may seem to me (like your teeny tiny turtle weapons that are almost impossible to find when lost..).

I am the luckiest mama on Earth. You are mine and I am yours and just knowing that lets me go to sleep each night with a full and happy heart. I love you to to the moon, the stars, and all of planets. My little lion – you are truly the best!


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