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Ivan has been searching for the perfect watch for months now. He’s been looking. I’ve been looking. Nothing quite caught his eye but then I found it..a watch that kinda, sorta does everything and looks cool to boot. The Activité Steel from Withings has a built in alarm, is water proof, tracks your sleep cycle, and has a smart body analyzer which keeps track of your daily activity via their app. I gave it to him for Father’s Day and it hasn’t left his wrist since. He loves everything about it but what I love most is how chic it looks and how beautiful it is made. You can check it out here and read up on all the amazing features and colors it comes in (I’m currently obsessed over the white. If you are reading this babe..hint hint).

Thank you Withings for helping me with the perfect papa’s day gift!


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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy..”

Summertime in NYC. It’s my absolute favorite (after Fall of course). The warm, muggy air, the buzz of children playing, music blaring from corner stores and late night get togethers on stoops. Another plus are the birthday parties. Lots of friends gathering in local parks, pizza take-out, and love. So much love. We kicked off the summer in Brooklyn to celebrate little Oak who turned two and the day was absolute perfection. We are so ready for more warm, beautiful days just like this.

Lucas and Lillie’s bathing suits from elle evans 


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A day to celebrate our superman. I woke up early with the kids and although the plan was to cook breakfast I cheated a bit and ordered in from our local diner. Gotta love NYC. Around 10am we snuck in the bedroom with handmade cards, balloons, and breakfast. We took it easy and headed out to Bryant Park in the afternoon. It was also Ivan’s moms birthday so we had double the reason to celebrate with our family. We had an awesome lunch and Lucas, Lillie, and I rode the carrousel – which Lucas seemed to love but then proceeded to ask me if there were any rollercoasters in the park! Sorry kid.

I just want to take a moment to thank the love of my life, my man, my baby daddy, for being the best damn papa in the world. He never complains (seriously), let’s me sleep in, is hands on in every way with the kids, works his butt off, and loves us all something fierce. He has given me my biggest blessings in the world and I love doing life with him.




We had the best Monday. Ivan had the day off so we spent the morning being lazy (rotating naps, hanging out in our pjs..). It was supposed to pour all day but the weather had a change of heart and instead the day was absolutely beautiful. Warm and breezy. Mid-afternoon we decided to head to the park and just chill out on our favorite lawn before heading out to dinner. I packed up our diaper bag, snacks, and the kids new favorite toys from Rose & Rex.

Lillie is obsessed with her Horse & Carriage and has been playing with it for weeks. Pushing it around while she crawls as well as chewing on it and banging it around when she gets excited ;). It doesn’t hurt that it’s absolutely beautiful and is one of the few toys that I actually don’t mind leaving out in the living room. Lucas also loves to put his Ninja Turtles inside the carriage..so basically wins all around for both kids. The Treasure Hunter’s Kit is amazing. It includes a treasure map, notepad/pencil, a magnifying glass, and Lucas’s favorite – treasuressss (gold coins, pyrite, and mica). He spent the afternoon writing down “notes” and collecting goodies to put in his treasure box. Rose & Rex has an amazingly curated toy selection and you can also shop by activity and age level, which I love.

The kids both had an amazing afternoon as did Ivan and I. We left the park just as the breeze was picking up and we made it to one of our favorite local restaurants just as we were all reaching “hangry” type levels. I enjoyed a glass of rosé after nursing Lillie and we chowed down before getting the kids ready for bed. A perfect Monday. xx

Toys from Rose & Rex | Flower Blanket from Sture & Folke | Mat from Gathre | Paci from Munchkin 



Onesies from Hugo Loves Tiki

Life with two. It’s everything I dreamed of and more. It’s the kind of stuff Hallmark commercials are made of. You know the ones. They leave you a heaping, sobbing mess and you feel like your heart might explode because that mom in the commercial is you and those babies in the commercial are your babies and they are god damn unicorns. It’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never been so tired in my life and some days I stop and think to myself “what if I never, ever feel rested again? how will I survive? can people live off of no sleep? I mean, they have to..right? right?”

Lillie has zero nap schedule whereas Lucas went down every day at 1pm like clockwork. We leave at 2pm to pick up Lucas from school and usually she is just starting to doze off when I have to wake her up to make the walk to pick up. No naps make for a very cranky mama. She is starting to climb on furniture and puts just about anything she can get her hands on into her mouth. When we get home from picking up Lucas she wants to be held and I am have to make snacks, get homework done, nurse her, and try and get some play time in with Lucas. Some weeks I don’t leave a 3 block radius with the kids and it’s enough to drive anyone insane.

OKAY. Now the good stuff. Every sleepless night is worth it. I swear. Lucas tells me every day he loves me and that I am his favorite girl in the world (after Lillie Sol of course). Lillie loves the crap out of me and I am relishing in this baby stage when all she wants in the world is ME. I am her comfort and her safe spot. She can instantly stop crying in my arms and my arms alone. The way she looks at me when she nurses is enough to make my heart melt into a giant puddle and I stare back at her and can’t believe this beautiful little creature is my daughter. My best friend sent from God. On the days I am beyond exhausted and don’t think I can take another minute with a child’s foot or hand or mouth on me, we all cuddle and get ready for bed time and Lucas asks me to tell him a story and I forget my exhaustion. I tell him about the adventures of Prince Lucas and all the shenanigans he gets into while exploring NYC and these stories are his favorite. MY stories. The ones I create just for him. Then we tell a few jokes and he covers me in kisses.

And don’t get me started on the relationship my kids have with each other. They love each other something fierce and I feel so proud and lucky that Ivan and I gave them the gift of having a friend for life. Nobody makes Lillie laugh like Lucas does and she doesn’t mind one bit when Lucas uses her for jumping practice or covers her little body in Ninja Turtles.

I’m tired as fuck but my heart is so full. My kids are god damn unicorns and that’s the truth. My truth. Thank you my Lucas León and Lillie Sol for making me the happiest, proudest, sappiest mama in the world. I love you. Te amo.



A few snaps of my love bugs and I on mamas day. The weather was perfect and we strolled along the Upper East Side before heading to Queens to spend the afternoon with the grandmas and our family. I actually shared the day with Ivan who’s birthday happen to fall on Mother’s Day this year. So basically it was a mama/birthday extravaganza. So much love. All day long. I am wishing and praying for a million more days just like this one.

On Lillie Sol: Romper by Anaiss & I
On Lucas León: Cardigan, Tunic, & Shorts by Anaiss & I | Sneakers by Bucketfeet


In the spirit of Mother’s Day, Garnier® Whole Blends™ continue to remind us of our unique beauty.


Everyday my emotions fluctuate intensely. Extreme exhaustion, happiness like I’ve never known, frustration(oh the frustration!), a form of patience that I truly believe only a parent is capable of, and love. So much love. The purest form that is what unicorns and fairy dust are made of. All of these emotions encompass the beautiful moments and memories I have and continue to create with my children.

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives and the feelings that may seem “bad” (i.e.: frustration, a loss of patience, the nights where your head hits the pillow and you think to yourself..”I could have done better today”). I have come to realize that every morning is a fresh start. A clean slate to continue creating memories and try to be the best mom you can be. And luckily our kids are so very forgiving. Am I right? Now that Lillie is 9 months, I have finally begun taking better care of myself. I am no expert in parenting but what I do know is that when you feel good, your energy shoots up and you are an overall better person, wife, and mama. Taking even just a 1/2 hour a day makes a world of difference in my mood and demeanor.


A few days a week I carve out time for my overall beauty routine. This includes everything from threading my eyebrows, face masks, hair masks, and giving myself a blowout. For hair maintenance I have been using Garnier® Whole Blends™. The Repairing line with Honey Treasures shampoo/conditioner and mask keeps my hair strong (which is so important since I have been regularly coloring it since last year) and it smells divineeee. Some important things about this line to note: it’s paraben-free and is so gentle on my hair. The ingredients used for all Garnier® Whole Blends™ (such as Argan and Coconut Oil) are all purchased fairly and sustainably to support local farmers and what I love most: Garnier® has partnered with TerraCycle to keep beauty products out of landfills.

So yes mamas, I promise, taking care of my hair and my overall health and body has made a huge improvement in the way I feel day to day. It seems so small but in reality it is such a mood booster and makes me feel put together. Even when we are just headed to the park or on an errand. Happy mama, happy life… 😉 Take a little time to pamper yourself. You are worth it! And it makes creating those beautiful moments with your family all that much sweeter.

Photos by Mary Grace



Last week the kids and I headed to Clearwater for Lucas’s spring break. My mama came with us and honestly it was such a relief knowing I was going to have an (amazing) extra pair of hands. Lucas went ahead with my mom and I flew out the next next day with Lillie. Alone. For the first time. I’ll say this – Lucas has been a champ flyer from day one. He snoozes most of the flight and has always been perfectly content either on my lap or now that he is older, playing games and watching movies. He has never cried on a flight. NOT ONCE. No way I could be that lucky twice. Right? Yea, NO. Lillie cried for a solid 20-25 minutes on our packed flight and I was that mom, awckawardly smiling at blank stares (and some pitty stares) and frantically hushing her baby. 25 minutes is a loooooong time when your trapped on an aircraft like sardines. I walked her up and down the aisle and nursed her until she finally passed out from exhaustion. At that point I was sweating, equally as exhausted, and to be honest all I wanted to do was sit down, put in my ear buds, and listen to some Drake. Can a mama live? I really wish I could say I was calmer and gave zero f’s what everyone else was thinking but when you’re in the moment it’s really a bit nerve wrecking and anxiety inducing. Anyways, an hour later and we were in sunny Florida!


The sunsets on Clearwater beach are just unreal. 


My new favorite head wrap for Sol. And that little outfit? I’m in baby bliss over here. 


These are a few of my favorite snaps from the trip. We really had such an amazing time and it was such a treat to be with Lucas for an entire week and get some much needed one on one time with him. If you haven’t been, Clearwater is such a beautiful, beautiful place to visit. I have been coming here since I was Lillie’s age on family vacations to visit my aunties. It’s a second home for me and such a comforting, safe space. It’s familiar, calming, and just what I need a couple times a year for a pick me up and when I need to get out of NYC. Lucas has come to love it as well and I can’t wait to continue our yearly tradition with both kiddos.



My mother is the most beautiful woman I know. Inside and out. I have vivid memories of watching her get ready as a child. Sitting on the toilet, my little legs crossed, watching in awe as she carefully applied rose colored rouge and and raspberry lipstick. She always finished with a light dusting of face powder. Before we would leave the house she would spritz on her perfume and I loved how the scent would float around the house behind her as she collected her purse and put on her shoes.

My mother taught me that beauty comes from within but that pampering yourself and a sense of self love is so very important as well. I take pride in putting myself together not just as a mom but as a woman who is ready to tackle anything the day brings. Whether that be a splash of perfume, a luxurious hair mask (Honey Treasures by Garnier® Whole Blends™ is my fave!), a fab outfit, or the perfect accessory – I always feel better when I look my best.

On this upcoming Mother’s Day (and all the beautiful ones to follow), I am spending the day with all the strong, confident women in my life. My mama, my mother-in-law, and my sister. There will be talk of kids, life, motherhood, laughter. I truly can’t think of a better way to celebrate being a mama. And we will all be in our Sunday best. Beautiful inside and out.

Here are some favorite flashback images of my beautiful mama!

sc0005c4cdI wish she had kept this velour jumpsuit. I mean – fab! sc00304512My mama and I in Clearwater, Florida – my very first trip to the Sunshine state. sc0020f74fBlack and white portraits that I just love. 


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For over a decade Reed Krakoff was the man behind the creative direction for Coach. In 2013 he ventured off to design his own collection and this year he joined forces with Kohl’s to bring a limited edition collection to the masses. The line features his signature handbags (at an amazing price point: $59-$129) as well as ready to wear and small accessories.


I feel so honored to have been able to work with the amazing Kohls team and the incredibly talented Reed Krakoff to bring you a taste of this fab collection. I spent the day shooting with Melodie Jeng a few weeks back and we hit up some of my favorite NYC gems – Cafe Ost, Tompkins Square Park, and beautiful Park Avenue. It was such an awesome experience. My absolute favorite piece is that sunny yellow gem of a satchel you see in the photos. The color is everything and it’s the perfect size for every day use. Totally my #1 pick for pairing with blue jeans and a white tank.

Below is a brief Q&A I had with Reed Krakoff:

What was your inspiration behind the collection? Colors, patterns, etc.?
I drew the biggest inspiration for the REED for Kohl’s collection from some of the items from my luxury collection. I was so intrigued to reintroduce some iconic pieces to a wider audience. When designing, I always think about the most exciting, impactful and aesthetically pleasing outcome, which is when the color blocking concept went into full swing. It’s always been a part of my design philosophy to create things that are bold, exciting, and happy, and generating excitement in the affordable accessories category is one of our main goals with the REED line at Kohl’s.

What kind of woman do you see wearing your collection? What is her style?
The target customer for the REED for Kohl’s collection is really anyone who appreciates fashion, someone that might be new to designer collections, but loves style and of course value.

You can get more inspiration and style ideas over on Pinterest. Also, shop the entire collection here.


Photos by Melodie Jeng
This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. Thank you for supporting the companies I love and trust!

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